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Enterprise Learning

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Course Builder

HRMatrix Enterprise Learning Management lets you build an online course in minutes. You can use any kind of content such as videos, PDF, PowerPoints and Word documents to create the course. It enables your organization to create your course in minutes.

Make Your Company Compliance Ready.

Non-Compliance put your company in trouble with millions of dollars of lawsuit.


Custom Question Creation

HRMatrix Enterprise Learning Management system provides an embedded capability to create any number of custom questions on each course. You can create a test based on the passing percentage.


Skill Development

HRMatrix enables your organization to create a unified learning platform for the better employee learning experience and skill development, so employees can make sure to meet future demands and earn the desired skills.


Employee Compliance Training Program

HRMatrix provides your organization with a complete enterprise learning platform to get your employees trained to meet the compliance requirements. It records the training ‘completion’ history. Completion means the employee has completed the course and pass the test as part of the course.


Completion Record Keeping

Track your employee course completion records to meet the audit requirement. Course completion data of each employee shows who has completed the course and met the audit requirements, and who has not.

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