What is HRM?

Human resource management is the process of managing people in organizations in a structured manner. HRM is all about people in the organization. It manages all human beings related issues in any organization, firm, or company.

In various MNCs (Multinational Companies), HR Managers are also called People Managers & People Enablers. Human, which is called the most valuable and important asset of any organization, manages under such HR Managers.

Every organization needs to set strategic goals through attraction, employees’ maintenance, and cost-effectiveness. HRM plays an important role to establish connections between the employees of an organization and helps to grow the business. HRmatrix provides you with the best online HRM solutions and helps to grow your business.

Importance of HRM

Human Resource Management has its great importance in any organization as HR Managers apply the best use of human and capital assets of any organization.

Manages Program

HRM helps in managing, preparing, and completing all personal and programs.

Provide Best Workforce to Business

Through a systematic and scientific process, HR Managers supplies the best, skilled, and required workforce to business.

Training & Development

It increases the benefits of any organization by training & development of human resources.

Increase Market value

Change management is one of the main and necessary factors of an organization to develop and compete in the market, HR Managers prepare and train a workforce for change management.

Cost Reduction

It helps in cost reduction through innovative and experimental values in an organization.

HRMatrix provides you with the best workers’ career management and reward system with the best compensation, all are the responsibilities of HR Managers, through which they can get the best work and energies.

Major Components of Human Resource Management

There are various parts, steps, or processes of Human Resource Management. Overall, Web-based human resource management revolves around some components. A short detail of these HR Modules and Components is as under.

Resource Planning

Planning is the most important component of HRM. HR Managers identify and respond to the needs of organizations by using this hr module. It may also involve forming new policies, systems, and updated programs of assuring effective human capital and its management for changing conditions. Strategic planning and the future of HR need is discussed under this process.


This HR module of HRMatrix that is called Recruitement Bot collects a pool of candidates for getting the best and suitable candidate for any post or position. Internal or external announcements and gathering of initial data of candidates are collected for their selection.


Under this section, the selection of suitable and job match persons’ is completed. Different types of tests, interviews are completed in this section. Candidates arrive forward after passing all these different types of educational, mental, physical, and managerial tests. HRMatrix provides the best selection module.

Training and Development

In this module, we have two parts, training & development. Both are completed for the betterment of new and old employees so that they can be matched with their jobs. The training process is especially for new employees and development for old ones. 


This module deals with salaries, jobs, bonuses, and all financial issues of HR. Wages and salaries are managed under this function. Different types of packages are present in this section. Updated software and tools are used for the competitive and best salaries of employees. This section keeps an eye on market trends and tries to provide competitive salaries to each employee.

Employee Separation

The final and most important component to complete the HRM process is “Employee Separation”. This deals with the firing or retirement of workers and managers. A complete record is taken, retirement programs are completed. The basic purpose of this component is to separate the human asset of any organization according to his/her value, working, and importance.

Benefits of HRM

Expense Management

Web based hrm solutions automate manual processes and mitigate the headaches and mistakes while managing expenses on the go. Orbologic offers you high quality hr modules within your budget.

Time-Off Tracking

Orbologic provides you automated time-off requests built into your online HR system, you can say goodbye to shoulder-taps and sticky notes. 

Project Management

Human resource management software plans your project activities, assigns tasks, manages resources, tracks timesheets, analyses results and much more with our comprehensive project management tools.

Orbologic offers you simple, affordable, and secure HR Management Software for any size of business and helps to grow your business.