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Employee Database Software


Employee Master Data Management

HRMatrix tracks employee data with employee database management software a centralized place to make you compliance-ready. It captures employee personal info. It helps track the employee compensation info to find out when the changes have been made to it. If there is an emergency and who should be contacted. If there is an emergency and who should be contacted.

Forget the Excel Docs to Keep Your Employee Data.

It is non-secure, high risk and put your company in trouble with millions of dollars of lawsuit.


Your Employee Documents

HRMatrix digitizes employee paper records and stores them in an encrypted format so no one can get access to it. Sort and access these documents in seconds when you need them. Free up yourself from the theft of sensitive documents and information.


Employee Dashboard

Your organization information is at your fingertips. A simplified and easy to understand dashboard provides you with a quick insight into your human resources trends and competencies.


No Limit on Data Storage

You can use as much storage as you want. HRMatrix gives you the ability to limit what can be stored in the database or the file system and enables your organization to scale as the need goes high.


View of Employee Data

Add an employee once and then start managing employee-related data such as docs, time off, timesheets, expenses and many more!

Multilingual Employee Database Software

Multilinguistic Centralized Employee Data Management

HRMatrix employee data management module provides a centralized place to make you compliance-ready in different languages. The latest up-to-date documents are now easily accessible in many languages specially in Arabic. The global HR database improves the efficiency of the HR procedures, allowing you to get a better understanding of your workforce and the talent pool. Now manage all employee data in one central database‚ÄĒregardless of which language choice.

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