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Automated Human Resource Management System

End to End
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Simpler and Easier hrms management system

Simplify your HR process with HRMatrix Automated Human Resource Management System (HRMS). It will streamline and align HR tasks to get them done sooner without the hassle and long delays.

Forget the Excel Docs to Keep Your Employee Data.

It is non-secure, high risk and put your company in trouble with millions of dollars of a lawsuit.


HRMS Process Insight

HRMatrix enables your company to monitor the HR process in real-time, so you can have better insight to make it more robust and effective. Rapid onboarding with employee data management gives your company an edge over others.

The Best HRMS System

Software Provide Value

HRMatrix is a complete HR team management suite that helps you to manage, plan and optimize your workforce. It provides automate workflow, save time & focus on complex HR related tasks.


Web Based HRMS Management System

HRMatrix modules provide end-to-end modules to manage the entire life cycle of an employee from onboarding to offboarding. You can track employee training, praises, notes and benefits.


HRMS Fits Your Needs

HRMatrix fits your need; if your business grows, it will grow. It will accommodate any size of data from a few files to many thousands. Scalability is built-in. No worries about how an HRMS handles your workloads as your business grows.


Organizational Chart

An organizational chart is at your fingertips to see who reports to whom to get real-time visibility of the organization.


HRMS Records Effectively

Access to HRMS records anywhere. Employees can access their time off info, personal info, benefits, and training anytime from anywhere. Better informed employees bring effectiveness to organizational performance.

Strategic HR Process

Planning Done Right

HRMatrix provides you with the data in a compressed format so that you can plan hiring and layoffs promptly. It will help you see the trends and patterns in different locations and turn out data in real-time.

A Multilingual HR Software Built for Any Language!

Multilinguistic Real-Time Human Resource Management System

HRMatrix provides a pragmatic, smart, cloud-based, and world-ready HR solution to empower human management on a global scale. HRMatrix improves decision-making, enhances communication, and gives management information in different languages specially in Arabic. It helps you to manage all HR activities in one central database‚ÄĒregardless of which language choice.

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