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Towards a Touch-less Face Recognition Attendance System

Automate time and attendance tracking, 99.8% accuracy, gain valuable insights and analyze productivity.


Real-Time Employee Attendance Tracking

HRMatrix provides an AI-Powered face recognition, secure and transparent Contact-less attendance tracking system to monitor and track employee attendance in real-time. It efficiently records the clock-in and clock-out time stamps of an employee. Save time and organize employees without additional action; always be familiar with a 100% touchless and hygienic system.

Liveness Detection

Intelligent Analysis of Geo Location

An employee takes the picture to enroll in the application; once the employee is registered, the app recognizes the face with 99.8% accuracy in face recognition. Ensures no one uses a photo or a video to feign attendance, preventing fraud attendance entries. HRMatrix tracks the accurate location of the employee clock-In and clock-out.


Eliminate Human Error

HRMatrix face recognition system overall prevents fake check-in or check-out in favor of another employee. This AI-based system provides employers with a means of tracking their employees' attendance; while eliminating human errors such as wrong time, date, or location recording. This means keeping track of the exact number of working hours for the same employee and correlating payroll calculations. No "false overtime" to worry about!


Optimize Data and Resources

HRMatrix makes data available in real-time and synchronizes the data without a time lag. This real-time monitoring helps to optimize the workforce and other resources. Saving time will increase productivity, resulting in the cost reduction (optimal utilization of resources) and an increase in revenue.


Cost-Effective and Time-Saving

No ID cards, badges, or other equipment are needed for the attendance system users. All you need is just your employee's biometrics. Thus, HRMatrix facial recognition offers good business value for the enormous saving of your money. It takes barely 3 seconds to recognize your face and create an attendance journal in the HR system, saving precious person-hours.


Web and Mobile Based Interface

Say Goodbye to your old-fashioned desktop application, access key indicators and various real-time analytics about your employees' attendance from across all branches. HRMatrix provides a quick facial recognition feature for both the web and mobile (Android and IOS) from anywhere at any time.

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