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Applicant Tracking

Hiring Portal

Your Own Branded Hiring Portal

Now you can do quick job postings on your hiring portal in minutes. It is your branded website with a logo, and you can post an unlimited number of job postings. You can also embed this into your company website with a simple URL.

Forget the Excel Docs to Keep Your Employee Data.

It is non-secure, high risk and put your company in trouble with millions of dollars of lawsuit.


Complete Job Description

The candidate has complete insight into job details such as salary, skills, compensation, and benefits. HRMatrix offers a single place with complete job details. Job posting made it more manageable, simpler, and faster.


Apply in Few Clicks

Candidates apply for the job in few clicks. Applying against one or multiple jobs is made straightforward; now, you can build your own candidate's database with HRMatrix.


Openings Dashboard

HRMatrix gives you a single dashboard to find all the job postings, the number of candidates applied, and their status. HRMatrix enables you to look at the overall progress in the hiring process at the company level.


Complete Candidates Dashboard

HRMatrix provides you a complete insight into how many candidates applied against each job and the outcomes reflecting each candidate's progress in the hiring process.

Job Tracking

Real-Time Job Tracking

HRMatrix allows you to look into how many candidates applied against each job and how they are progressing with their interview process.

Candidate Tracking

Real-Time Candidate Tracking

HRMatrix enables you to track candidate hiring progress in real-time, status in the interview process, and resume viewing in a single place.


Hiring Made Easy

You can hire candidates directly from the hiring portal, and the candidate data is part of the system with one click. HRMatrix integrated view makes the hiring process simple and makes you worry-free from new hire data entry into the system.

Multilingual Applicant Tracking System

Multilinguistic Complete Job Description

HRMatrix provides a facility to manage all job applicants in one central database‚ÄĒregardless of which language choice. Everyone who utilizes the tool - including candidates, references to recruiters, administrators, and others--can select the language they want to use at any stage of the process of hiring.

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