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Resume Parsing


HRMatrix AI-Based Resume Parser

HRMatrix resume parsing module is an innovative solution for analyzing applicants’ resumes as per the job profile to identify the best among them. This automates the manual task of reviewing resumes, saving recruiters countless hours of tedious work.

Forget the Excel Docs to Keep Your Employee Data.

It is non-secure, high risk and put your company in trouble with millions of dollars of lawsuit.

Improved Efficiency

Organizing Candidate Data

By quickly extracting and organizing candidate data, resume parsing allows recruiters to focus their time and attention on evaluating qualified candidates and making informed hiring decisions.

Versatility & Flexibility

Analyzes Resumes/CVs in Any Format

Our universal parsing solution supports resumes/CVs in any format, ensuring that all candidates are considered fairly and accurately. It parses all resume formats like PDF, and DOC, or DOCX in real-time.


Identify the Best Applicant

Manual resume screening can be prone to errors and oversights. This unbiased automated CV screening module ensures consistency and accuracy in data extraction, minimizing the risk of overlooking qualified candidates.


Visual Graphics of Resume Parser

Our resume parser module provides visual representations for easy comparison between multiple candidates' profiles, facilitating side-by-side analysis of their qualifications, skills, and experience.

Multilingual Resume Parser

Global Talent Acquisition

Multilingual resume parsing or automated CV screening enables organizations to tap into talent pools worldwide, allowing for diverse and inclusive recruitment practices.

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