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AI-Based Interview BOT. Reduce Your Hiring Hours from 100s to 0

Interview Bot makes your interview experience simpler, easier, faster and without bias.

Online Interview Solution

HRMatrix AI-Powered HR Bot

HRMatrix Recruitment Bot helps you to make the decision based on trained AI algorithms. HRMatrix AI-Powered online interview solution that is designed to hire at scale can communicate with those candidates who complete your skill assessment.

Make Your Company Compliance Ready.

Non-Compliance put your company in trouble with millions of dollars of lawsuit.


Recruiter/Hiring Manager Creates Interview

You can create an online Interview by adding questions and answers in just a few clicks. It helps companies with investing more energy in sourcing applicants and making offers by streamlining every team member’s workload.

HRMatrix Recruit Bot

Automated Interview Scheduling

Hiring managers can easily schedule candidate interviews with interview expiry dates. It means you can select the availability timings on your own. Automated interview scheduling streamlines recruitment teams’ workloads. Whether scheduling online calls, multiple interviews, or official meetings this automated bot ensures the process is optimized for all members.

Interview Bot

Interview Schedule Email

Once the Interview has been scheduled by the hiring manager candidate will receive the interview schedule email having the Interview link. Candidates can easily login into the portal by using the provided credentials of HRMatrix recruitbot.

Automated AI Based Unbiased Scoring with Recruitbot

HRMatrix Recruitment Bot generates unbiased scoring based on trained AI Algorithms. Real-time video calls will still save you time by eliminating the travel time you would need to account for on either end.


Automated Resume Screening

HRMatrix Recruitment Bot helps you to solve the biggest bottleneck in recruiting. It automatically screening candidates resumes according to job, shortlist thousands of candidates, sends assessment invites, also, schedule interviews, and create assessments.

Behaviour Detection in HR Bot

Interview Bot detects candidate behaviour and generates cheating alerts. It helps to hire the best fit for your company by understanding the candidate's behaviour. Also, assist you to get accurate, reduced-biased and automated candidate reports, for a comprehensive and fake-resistant view of every candidate.


Multilinguistic Online Interview Solution

HRMatrix gives you the flexibility of adjusting AI Recruitment Bot right away in the different languages specially in Arabic. Once the languages have been turned on, all those who use the bot—everyone from applicants, references, recruiters, and administrators—can choose the language of their choice at all stages of the hiring process.

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