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Project Cost Tracking Software

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Project Cost Tracking Software

HRMatrix provides a centralized view of real-time project cost tracking. You can view all active projects in a single place and the spending on each project. It provides a unified view of actual vs estimated expense cost, estimated vs actual hours and the total cost associated with it. Realtime data visibility enables your organization to better optimize project cost. Get real time visibility on effective and better ROI.

Get Better ROI with Real-Time Project Cost Tracking

Track Project Actuals and Projected Cost in Real-Time.


Project Cost Tracker Analytic

Real Time Priority Task Manager analytic gives you the visibility of the actual spending with budgeted cost and the forecasted cost. Historical data helps you to make decisions on future spending and better manage project costing. Get a consolidated view of project hours, expenses, actuals and projected costs in a unified view.

HRMatrix Task Management

Project Cost Management Software

Create any number of tasks with start and end date. Assign these to employees and monitor actual vs estimated hours used on each task. It enables you to better manage the time spending on each task.

Project Tracker

Team Management Software

HRMatrix gives a complete visibility of the tasks assigned to each employee with a timeline. Before assigning tasks you have an insight of who is responsible for which tasks till when. It helps you to better manage employee productivity, lessen employee burnout rate and longer employee retention.

Cost Management

Documentation Management Software

Build a centralized project documentation repository. Prepare your organization to meet the audit compliance requirements. When the need comes up, documentation can be made available with few clicks.

Multilingual Project Cost Tracking

Multilinguistic Real-time Project Cost Analytic

HRMatrix project cost tracking gives you real-time insight in multilanguage. This makes your company better manage expense policy and enforce controls on company spending. Automated multi-level approval workflow in Arabic. Under pressure to always do more with less, this multilingual solution can help you create substantial savings using a collaborative and web-based approach for the management of HR transactions and more.

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