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Simple, affordable and powerful HR software for any size business.

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Orblogic Solutions are hassle-free, intuitive and customized!

Orblogic is providing complete, concise and comprehensive workforce management solutions for all industries including small, medium and large businesses in all industries.

If you are a small, medium and large size business.

If you are growing.

If your business is about managing your resources.

If you haven’t quite found the right software, for the right price.

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How we work

Our Strategy

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Why Orblogic?

Simple, affordable and powerful HR software for any size business.

Innovation is serving the market with better technologies and more effective products. We constantly strive to bring products and services to market that enhance our customers efficiency and productivity.
Agility is the ability to rapidly adjust to changing market conditions and technologies. We strive to maintain our agility and to enhance the agility and competitiveness of our customers. Join us for better solution.
Security Matters
We use a highly reliable, multi-faceted security platform to ensure all data is protected. Additionally, fine grain level security at the user level controls access to HR records, based on permissions granted by administrators.
At Orblogic, we are committed to exceeding ordinary standards and acceptable performance. We continuously evaluate our quality to ensure that our products and services meet the highest standards of excellence.
Provide Best of The Breed
Orblogic is committed to provide the most effective technology available in all its products. We work round the clock to produce best-of-breed products, rich with features and capabilities. Join us for smarter and easier HR solution.
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Enhanced Customer Support
Our system is continually being upgraded with brand new features and heightened functionality. We provide 24/7 support service for our customer. Join us for continues support and help.


Orblogic’s commitment to its partners and customers is to provide best in class workforce management experience. We like to learn about your issues in managing the workforce and work with you to solve them in a simpler and easier manner. Our approach is to become your partner to understand your workforce alignment holistically and find the pitfalls and shortcomings. We provide state-of-the-art capabilities with embedded AI to streamline the process and eliminate flaws and issues to manage your workforce better. This becomes an extensive financial gain from the bottom up and top down. Our four-way approach works well in understanding business processes from humans to technology for better outcomes.

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