Applicant Tracking System

Hiring staff can be a major headache for business owners. With applicants submitting resumes from various channels, it can be difficult to get organized and choose the best candidates. Applicant tracking systems help in this process by organizing candidate applications, allowing businesses to rate candidates on a variety of factors, and compare them side by side with current employees. Applicant tracking was once exclusively done through Microsoft Word, paper files, or emails. Nowadays, applicant tracking systems are changing the way companies hire employees.

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is software that manages the recruiting and hiring process, including job postings, resume management, application submissions and applicant portfolio management. Power your recruiting success. As experts in the industry, we’re here to help you and your team with strategy, implementation, and support throughout your recruiting journey. With Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software, recruiters can simplify and optimize their hiring process. Applicant tracking systems enable recruiters to post job openings on company websites and job boards, screen resumes electronically for keywords that match the desired skills and experience, and schedule interviews with qualified candidates.

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) help employers to automate, manage and organize their recruiting process. Such software can streamline the talent acquisition process via advanced technologies like natural language processing and machine learning. Some of the most common features include: a candidate database searchable by skills, resume ranking, email templates and communication automation, a calendar where recruiters can arrange interviews and an application form that applicants can complete on-line.

Using an applicant tracking system can give your organization several key benefits. These systems make it far easier to identify, track and consider promising applicants to fill jobs at every level in your company.

Attracting talent isn’t the same as finding talent. The right applicant tracking system can help you do both better and faster by maximizing your recruiting process and helping you hire the best candidates quickly.  

Salient features of HRMatrix Applicant Tracking System

Your Own Branded Hiring Portal

Our platform comes with a hiring portal that is your branded site with custom logo, and unlimited job postings. The platform also allows users to easily embed this into their company website with a simple URL.

Now you can create a customized hiring portal for your company. Your customizable website will have a logo and URL that you can use to post an unlimited number of job postings. We'll handle all the hard stuff, so you can just focus on getting the right people hired.

Complete Job Description

HRMatrix gives you the complete picture of a job. With detailed facts about salary, skills, education and experience requirements and relevant compensation and benefits. Easily access information that will help you select the best candidates for each position. HRMatrix’s Job posting features make finding top talent easier than ever.

HRMatrix offers the only advertising solution to include all of your complete job details in a single post. In a world where job seekers make their decision within seconds, you need to provide them with a cohesive and compelling job posting.

Candidate can apply in few clicks

With HRMatrix, candidates can apply for the job in a few clicks. Applying against one or multiple jobs is made straightforward; now, you can build your own candidate's database with HRMatrix and manage your career development in a professional way. Applying against one or multiple jobs is made straightforward; now, you can build your own candidate's database with HRMatrix.

Job Openings Dashboard

HRMatrix gives you a single dashboard to find all the job postings, the number of candidates applied, and their status. HRMatrix enables you to look at the overall progress in the hiring process at the company level, or for each job opening. This way, you can also keep track of how many resources are being spent on hiring, which will help build models to estimate how many candidates apply per month.

HRMatrix gives you a single dashboard to find all the job postings listed at your company, their number of candidates applied, and their status. HRMatrix also enables you to analyze the overall progress in hiring process at the company level.

Complete Candidates Dashboard

With the HRMatrix Complete Candidates Dashboard, you can see exactly how many candidates applied against each job role, opening, and position. The dashboard also shows the outcomes that reflect each candidate's progress in the hiring process.

Our HRMatrix' Complete Candidates Dashboard report provides you with a thorough insight into the number of candidates and what stage they are currently in. This will help you to make informed decisions regarding which candidates to consider as part of your hiring process.

Real-Time Job Tracking

HRMatrix allows you to look into how many candidates applied against each job and how they are progressing with their interview process. This helps you understand which job is moving fast and which is lagging behind.

Hiring Made Easy

Create a streamlined hiring process with our Hiring Made Easy feature. HRMatrix integrated view makes the hiring process more efficient and you worry-free about new hiring data entry into the system. With our hiring solution, you can hire candidates directly from the portal and their information will be automatically entered in the system. The HRMatrix hiring view makes recruiting and hiring a breeze so you can focus on other HR activities.

Multilinguistic Complete Job Description

HRMatrix applicant tracking system is the simplest, most powerful recruiting tool available in the market today. With Multilinguistic Complete Job Description, you can track applicants in a central database regardless of which language choice is made. Everyone who wants to use it - including candidates, recruiters, administrators and others can select the language they want to use at any stage in the hiring process. A variety of options makes the system simple to customize and easy to navigate.