Artificial Intelligence aims to help people with Autism disorder to improve their social skills

Communication and interaction with others are the social skills that are very important in everyone's life. Humans are social animals and have developed many ways to communicate and convey their thoughts and feelings to others. These may be verbal (like the tone of voice, the volume of speech, and the words we choose), non-verbal (like gestures and body language), or writing. And for a good social relation, you need an attractive personality and that personality comes with your behaviour, personal appearance, and positive body language. These skills are present in normal persons but not in special persons like autistic people. Autistic people lack these skills and qualities because they are afraid to go to gatherings and don't want to interact with anyone due to a genetic disorder. For these kinds of person, technology is working to enhance the skills in them and make them valuable people of society.

With Robots:

Artificial intelligence trying to help these people to get their full potential from school life because this stage is the start of a growing personality. Artificial Intelligence helps to identify weaknesses and improve their conversational skills and behaviour with others which are their main problems, such as reducing perseverative/fixated topics of speech and repetitive speech. And through AI, this treatment is possible by making and training robots.

Autistic Children will take these robots as a toy and spend their time with them. And when they spend their time with robots, they will become used to meeting with others and enjoying the company of others. The main aim of these robots is to help autistic person to interact with others, and with these interactions, they will be able to recognize facial expressions, communicate socially and respond to social cues properly.

With Mobile Apps:

There is also another way which will make them habitual of making eye contact by making mobile apps. An app that will gain their attraction and have a conversation with them. With this, they will learn to make eye contact during conversation and they will know how to respond according to others.

There should be also game-like apps that get feedback from the person. With this, you will learn about the facial expression of the patient and according to it, you will offer him some activities which will teach practical skills and enhance brain power.


Daily social interactions with family members and friends are difficult for children with autism, but when they will don't have anything which involves them with it, they will need someone who grabs their attention and spent time with them, and this person can be his/her family member or any close relative.

HRMatrix allows Autistic people to give their interviews freely without going anywhere and meeting any people