Due to COVID-19, the transitional phase of your workplace can cause a mess of inconveniences among its benefits. Working in the comfort of your own home is a delight. Some have the power to dictate their schedules or breaks, you can redefine your responsibilities, and have the privacy to conduct your work related tasks at an alleviating pace, however, with time, these benefits seldom remain helpful to an employee who is already used to being present in the physical workplace. 

What happens is, as the daily routine wavers, the inevitable leniency imbues complacency. Then, complacency compromises quality work. Not only are you, the employee, contributing a tepid performance, but you are also impacting the momentum of your potential. COVID-19 has influenced quarantined employees for worse as it injures one’s work ethic and mental health, and as a result, the work-at-home lifestyle plays a role in the preventative cycle of productivity. 

Listed below are tips to evade the negative impact of quarantine. 

  1. Asses the Issue

Be honest with yourself. Assess the rate of your contribution and participation. What could you be doing better to fulfill your criteria with quality labor? It’s often arduous to offer a personal evaluation, so the next best attempt is to contact your supervisor. Receive an evaluated comparison between your work performance before quarantine and now. Note the differences and apply the necessary effort. 

  1. Practice your Routine

Wake up at an hour that allows enough time to get ready, have your breakfast, and ruminate over the premeditated tasks of the day. That way, you avoid the compiled duties of preparation at your desk. There is comfort in routine. To practice yours with punctuality alleviates the stress and rush of getting things done immediately which leaves no room for yourself. 

Note: Schedule your breaks! It’s better than spontaneously taking them when you feel like it as opposed to needing it. Breaks are indeed vital, use them when necessary. 

  1. Don’t Mix Your Personal Life with Work

Your job is something to look forward to, but when leisurely activities or personal hobbies are added to the picture, it reduces the value of your work-related responsibility. Keep your work separate from the activities that should be practiced in your vacant hours. This way, you will have a clear, focused mind that is ready to be productive.

HRMatrix ensures thorough productivity while also supporting your personal success. Practice your routine, stay on track, and be mindful of the professional facets of your work ethic.