Time and attendance software tracking are essential for the modern workplace. Analog time clocks and manual record-keeping were once sufficient, but they require extra work to manage and are susceptible to errors. Digital timekeeping tools provide up-to-the-minute recordkeeping automatically. Track remote workers and different types of work with a single, streamlined solution with Time and attendance software.

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What is a Time and Attendance solution? 

The benefits of combining Time and attendance tracking multiply when both are managed by the same software. Make sure that employee punch times align with scheduled hours and break policies. Use a single provider, and make your work schedules automatically compatible HRMatrix software.

The time and attendance solution offered by HRMatrix time clock is a user-friendly online portal. Schedule and manage employee schedules with this software, and you can automatically alert managers about employee tardiness and overtime.

Benefits of bundling Time and Attendance together

HRMatrix software provides time-saving solutions. Manage related tasks with compatible software, and you can save additional time while improving accuracy. Take care of your company’s time and attendance while enjoying the following benefits.

Saving time and money

Time and attendance software allows you to implement policies that automatically take effect, without burdening managers with the added task of enforcing a new policy. When user-friendly software simplifies a routine process, your workers have more time to focus on more important tasks.


Simple, repetitive tasks (like manually transferring numbers) create opportunities for human errors. Conventional punch clocks also have their disadvantages. Web-based time clock portals are more efficient for workers who perform most of their tasks at a computer, logging the time they actually spend at their workstations.

Remote teams can use the same timekeeping system from home. You can subdivide a single employee’s hours when they perform different types of work at different rates of pay. You can also easily track lunch and break time, a level of detail that would be impractical with a whole office sharing a single punch clock. 


Federal, state, and local standards may impact your overtime policy and maximum hours, and software makes it easier to comply with those compliance standards. Get clear reporting for external audits and get automated alerts for conflicts as they arise, not days or weeks later. HRMatrix software allows you to easily track when employees are late or absent, even when schedules vary from one day to the next. 

Improved workforce management

Online portals allow for extra flexibility and better workforce management. Track time and attendance with the same system that manages performance, and more. Uniting all HR functionalities, including time and attendance software, under one system helps your company run smoother.

With a remote and/or hybrid work environment, let employees clock in and out from home, just like they would in the office. On-site employees may discover schedule conflicts at home, and an online portal can allow employees to request leave or swap shifts. Choose the functionality and settings that are best for your workforce.

Increased productivity

Kickstart a performance-based workplace culture by showing employees that you care how they spend their time. Consider setting separate tracking for big projects and special assignments. With detailed timekeeping, you’ll get a better idea of employee efficiency. Which projects take more than their fair share of employee time and resources? The data might surprise you. Use new time and attendance software data to set goals for future performance.

Efficient recordkeeping

Legal compliance is only one reason for clear recordkeeping. You also want to make sure employees are paid accurately and fairly. When discrepancies arise, like after a missed punch, clear records help to resolve those problems. Automatically track time management for employee performance reviews. The right software makes it fast and easy to compile reports.

Improve employee engagement

Employees appreciate self-service features in timekeeping software. Let them check their PTO accrual and hours. As soon as schedules are finalized, employees should be able to check for conflicts. If workers are able to swap shifts with peers, then supervisors can focus on more important tasks. Empower your employees with added transparency and accessible records.

Time and attendance tracking are still necessary for the modern workplace, but older systems are inefficient. Get an elegant solution with added functionality by bundling all your HR software together.