Using employee time tracking software? If you are wondering why you should use a geofence time clock app tool, how it works, and what are the best apps on the market, you are in the right place.

Geofence time clock apps are growing in popularity in Dubai as businesses look for new ways to track people's work time and attendance. These apps use GPS technology to create virtual boundaries around the workplace and can be used to start and stop employees' clocks as they enter and exit the boundaries.

What is geofencing and how does it work?

Not long ago geofencing was only part of GPS tracking apps. However, nowadays it is also used in time tracking software. Based on such a combination creates a good geofencing time clock app.

What is GPS or Geofence Time Clock? 

A GPS time clock is an employee timekeeping system that includes geofencing capability. Geofences are preset virtual boundaries that represent physical locations. To create a geofence, the administrator must define the radius of the map. When employees log in using the GPS clock app, managers can see where they are relative to the geofence.

Additionally, you can set alerts for counterattacks and schedule diversions. Some tracking solutions restrict employee input and output if they are not in a defined area.

There are many different geofencing clock apps available in Dubai and the best one for your business will depend on your specific needs and requirements. Here are some of the most popular options:

Hubstaff is a popular time-tracking app that offers a geofence feature. Hubstaff is easy to use and it offers a variety of features, including time tracking, GPS tracking, and invoicing.

             hubstaff geofence.png

Sling is another popular time tracking app that offers a geofence feature. Sling is easy to use and it offers a variety of features, including time tracking, GPS tracking, and project management.


Timesheet Mobile is a time-tracking app designed for businesses of all sizes. Timetable Mobile provides geofencing functionality that can be used to track employee time and attendance from anywhere.


Orblogic provides an HRMatrix geofence time clock app. HRMatrix is an HR software with an attendance tracking feature that may be used both on-premise and in the cloud. The cloud support assures that it allows employees to view data from any location. This allows the attendance tracking software to track the attendance of employees based in different parts of the world.


Geofence time clock apps can be a great way to track employee time and productivity. By choosing the right app for your needs, you can improve your business efficiency and save money.