Building Strong Manager-Employee Relationships

Allow yourself to have wholehearted discussions. Try to understand your employees interests, goals, and traits to better assess future situations. Your management style will be perceived as an amicable presence in the workplace, and this will help motivate your employees and their pace of work. 

Make it personal. Allow your employees to express their thoughts and feelings about a work-related conflict. This will help you mediate as well. However, beyond conflict, allow the expression of individuality flourish. Accepting everybody’s differences is fundamental to developing a workplace that is healthy and progressive as opposed to maintaining an dull environment that is deprived of enthusiasm- if employees are expected to work with the mindset that they are nothing more than the average worker.

Not only that, some of us may have different pronoun preferences. Keep this in mind to offer the necessary respect. 

Of course, the responsibilities and expectations upon a body of employees that you manage should continue. It is in fact your job to manage the productivity and herd your team to reach company/business related goals. The employee has to remember they are an employee first and foremost; they must provide the expected amount of effort, but to inspire them to excel takes consistency and positivity. The understanding of each personality can permissibly be a priority so long as the required amount of work has been met. 

Remember, team effort and collaborative motivation goes a long way, but doesn’t go all the way. Employees look out for themselves individually, and there is nothing wrong with that. Accept that your employee wants to grow for themselves and not just for the sake of the company/business. It isn’t the most preferable motive, but it is common and realistic. It is better to confront it wisely than ignore it until your relationship with your employee separates. Let them know you’re on the same team, and we all are trying to grow in your personal ways. Remind them of their priorities and requirements to maintain the necessary pace of achievement, that way your management is not compromised. 

The Youth

This is a subplot subject, and yet its relevance is wise to acknowledge for new batches of younger employees are coming in fast and their world of experiences, thoughts, and views may possibly differ from yours. That’s okay! It isn’t as daunting as you’d think, your employees still view you as their manager and respect is still reciprocal. Communicating is the only efficient method to alleviate the potential misunderstandings. 

In Conclusion

It isn’t hard to build fruitful relationships with your employees. Be mindful, be kind, and treat others how you wish to be treated. Now, watch your workplace flourish!