Employee Self Service Software

Employee Self Service Software will empower your workforce and enable them to be more productive. Transform your relationships with the employees and drive employee engagement. Improve human resource efficiency and effectiveness, increase productivity and work-life balance.

We are confident that the addition of our Employee Self Service Software will give you the ability to improve employee productivity, reduce HR and IT costs, streamline and automate employee processes, eliminate paperwork, reduce error-prone manual data entry, gain actionable insight with advanced reporting tools.

Our Employee Self Service Software allows your employees to take advantage of employee self-service technology by accessing and managing personal information and company resources online. Employee self-service is the future of work. Let employees easily access their data.

Key Feature of HRMatrix Employee Self Service Software

Employee Personal Info

Employee Self-Service lets your employees update the system directly with new hires, changes, and terminations. They can also retrieve time off balances in real-time. You’ll have the most accurate employee records in the system. at any time based on access permissions. Employees can edit their records at any time. You’ll always have the most accurate records in the system.

Employee Job Info

Now your employee and new hire onboarding have the ability to view their employment status, job information, and compensation history all in one place, you boost employee engagement. Your employees know you care when they are provided a single access point - its unified information is available to keep your employee up to date on important company changes. As an employee, you can view all your job information in one place. You have access to employment status, accommodation requests, and compensation history.

Single Source for Employee Documents

Our document storage system allows you to place all employee documents under employee records, in a single place. Documents saved in file cabinets or local file systems are not safe. There is no fear of losing the most important data. Documents are saved in encrypted form, and these are fully recoverable in case of loss.

Write Notes about Employee

Whether it's a reminder of employee strengths or positive things to focus on, HRMatrix enables you to write notes about your employees for future reference. In addition, if there were any disciplinary actions taken against an employee, this is the place to track it.

You can write notes about an employee for future reference. If there were any disciplinary actions against an employee, you can track it here. Some people may not need this functionality, but what if something happens with an employee in a year? Will you remember it? By adding records here, you can have the information at hand and be able to refer to it when needed.

Multilinguistic Employee Self-Service Portal

HRMatrix’s sophisticated multilingual features address the challenge of language differences when hiring employees in multi-language. When an employee logs into our employee database portal, it is translated and personalized to the employee’s role within the organization and their preferred language. We help create an experience that is selection and employee-centric.

HRMatrix employee database portal is translated and personalized to the employee’s role within the organization and their preferred language. This creates an employee-centric experience within the platform.

HRMatrix’s multilingual employee self-service portal helps create an employee-centric experience within the platform, no matter what language they speak. Through our sophisticated software and cloud delivery model, HRMatrix’s software can be translated into over 130 languages, personalized to the employee’s role within the organization and their preferred language, which can be based on location.

Benefits of HRMatrix Employee Self-Service Software

The HRMatrix portal gives employees the ability to manage their data without the help of an HR or IT person. They can update their info at any time, so you have the most accurate and up-to-date data in the system.

Employee Self-Service allows your employees to manage their data on their own. Change personal information; submit time-off requests, and more without having to ask the HR department for help. Your employees can update their information as often as needed, giving you real-time data.

HRMatrix Employee Self-Service Software gives you the ability to manage your data and keep it up to date. Employees can update their information, including their contact information, at any time.

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