In these times of the pandemic, business owners are looking at the use of contactless methods to track the hours of employees and calculate payroll, and to create flexible shifts, while avoiding the possibility of infection. Face recognition using temperature screening is becoming an increasingly appealing technology that can replace fingerprint biometric time clocks which were used to record employee attendance and time.

What exactly is facial recognition? How does it work?

Nowadays, facial recognition is a practical and easy technology for identity verification without the need for a password or card. The primary algorithm used by technology consists of two stages of authentication and identification.

  • It is as simple as looking at the cameras and it will identify the face within a fraction of one second.

  • Facial recognition is a straightforward but effective method to employee attendance and time tracking, based on precise biometric facial recognition software.

  • This is possible due to the software built to the tablet-sized device located near the entrance to the office building or on the job site.

  • Face recognition ID The camera on the tablet records the employee's clock in and out time, and then automatically feeds the information to the system for time and attendance. The real-time reports show the presence of each employee at the location and also records the exact hours worked by each employee.

  • These kinds of systems are in greater demand by business executives who employ more than 100 hourly employees who work in shifts of different times and have flexible work schedules.

  • A facial recognition system could simplify the entire process of paperwork and time management by providing accurate and reliable information about the hours of work performed by employees.

Benefits of the use of Facial Recognition Technology

  • Contactless technology does not just help in regulating employee work hours however, it also saves businesses resources by automatizing the control process as well as employee control of timecards.

  • It is possible to utilize the system with mobile devices. This helps make time and attendance tracking easier for small and large-sized businesses.

  • The efficiency of the system offers numerous advantages, including

  • Reduce administrative cost by 5-10 percent. This cut administrative costs by 5-10%.

  • Boost productivity of employees by 10 percent. This will increase productivity of employees by 10.

  • Supervisors can save up to 15 percent of their time through automation of attendance control.

Through the implementation of facial recognition software, companies can reduce the cost of production as follows:

  • The time and attendance system receives the most current information about the hours of work for all employees.

  • The optimization of expenses of an organization is based on accurate data that have been received.

  • The solution is able to efficiently address many HR-related issues like ensuring a more effective discipline by recording time when workers leave and return and when they're absent or late.

  • Supervisors can check the latest information online and set up alerts in the event that an employee was not registered.

  • Automatizing employee attendance through software for face recognition and its combination with the payroll system could enhance workplace discipline and reduce administrative costs by 5-10 percent.

Key Benefits

  • Complete automation of the tracking of employee time and attendance by using facial recognition software.

  • A user-friendly tool that can assist in optimizing both labor and administrative costs.

  • Simple, reliable, and speedy system. Reliable, easy to use and speedy.

  • It is simple to install. No additional hardware is required.

  • It operates on its own in offline and online modes. There is no need to be in connection to the system.

  • Face Recognition Features for Management of Employees.

  • Time cards that are automatically generated for hours of work.

  • Employee monitoring in real-time.

  • The detection of clockings that are late and absences of hours

Additional Benefits of Functionality

  • Automated time and attendance system is able to solve management issues.

  • Electronic Time Card management. Track PTO, vacations, sick days. Flexible shifts. Lunch breaks.

  • Monitoring of clockings that are registered immediately and in real time and early departures or days not being used and access control

  • Ability to add your own rules or events. Registration of business trips and vacations. Task management

  • Calculation of salary (bonuses) is based on the work schedule and hours. Hourly calculation. Take note of missed days or late clockings, early departures to calculate payroll

  • Real-time reports that reveal the current state of affairs

  • Work hours exported in a variety of formats into payroll software

  • Automatic rostering based on schedules

  • Notification Alerts for employees who arrive late or depart early

How can facial recognition be Utilized in business Environment

  • A Touch-Free System for Time and Attendance

  • It is easy to install and use Compatible with existing terminals

  • A Perfect Solution for Employee Time Clock

  • Alerts for temperature screening via email

  • It can be used in dark environments using masks

  • 5000 employees capacity

Facial Recognition Readers are extremely beneficial for large and medium-sized businesses that have greater than 50-100 employees. This option provides secure technology to keep track of employee hours as well as display the temperature of the entry point whenever needed. These devices are compatible with clocking devices and transmit information directly to the time and attendance systems.

HRMatrix offers facial recognition time clocks. With our biometric time clocks and the software for facial recognition, your company will benefit from better time tracking and reduce time fraud. It's a secure, reliable, COVID-safe, and exact time management tool for businesses to provide touchless access to the workplace. This feature is at no cost for a brief period of time to ensure that businesses have secure workplaces.