Five Benefits to Time Tracking Facial Recognition Solutions

Biometric technology is becoming more popular for tracking time and attendance. While facial biometrics is an increasingly popular option for time tracking, facial recognition is a viable alternative that has distinct advantages.

Do Facial Recognition System for Time-Tracking Function

Time tracking using facial recognition uses biometric identification verification that is based on facial features. The technology for facial recognition differs. The system could analyze specific algorithms to determine different features' distances, refer to 2D pictures, or utilize 3D facial recognition technology to recognize particular facial characteristics.

The initial step in implementing facial biometrics is to have all employees registered with the database that stores facial data to be able to identify them in the future and use biometric authentication. From then on when an employee checks in or requests access to a specific area where they are located, their face is scrutinized and the biometric software detects and authenticates on the basis of facial recognition as well as the details of the employee.

Time tracking using facial recognition could help your business in a variety of ways:

  • Automatic time-tracking system for automated tracking: Automatization eases time tracking and there's no need to employ personnel to supervise the system all day. Humans make mistakes however, using automated systems humans are eliminated from the process. The time-and attendance systems utilizing facial recognition technology will accurately record absence, attendance, and overtime using an identification process which is quick and precise.
  • Cost savings for labor: The software that recognizes faces will accurately record the time and attendance of employees with no human errors. It tracks the exact amount of time an employee is in the office and can to save the company money. It is not necessary to worry about time theft and "buddy punching" by using facial recognition tracking system.
  • Securer security: Biometric facial time tracking lets you not only track employees , but also to add users to the system, so they are tracked across the workplace. Access to the system can be restricted to anyone who is not a member of the system. In the event of an incident facial recognition software is used to be used to provide evidence in an investigation using a scan of a person who have entered the zone.
  • Reduced time and decreased transmission: When infectious diseases like colds and viruses are spread through employees, they could increase the frequency of employee absences and dramatically decrease productivity. Face recognition means that employees can leave and enter the workplace in significantly less time. There is no requirement to reach out to the screen to enter or exit the facility. This helps save time and reduces the spreading of illnesses caused by physical contact.
  • Integration ease: The biometric facial recognition technology is easily integrated in your system of time-and-attendance.

HRMatrix offers facial recognition time clocks. With our biometric timeclocks and the software for facial recognition, your company will benefit from better time tracking and reduce time fraud.