Geo-Attendance works using GPS technology and the attendance software uses the concept of ‘Geofencing’ to track the location of the employee to confirm if present in the designated area with time marking, making it easy for the HR team. Some of the advantages of Geo-Attendance:

Easy Attendance clocking for remote workers:

Geo-fencing draws a virtual perimeter over the real-world geographic area. An application needs to be installed on the employee’s smartphone with its location and GPS service turned on to clock in or out. The time and attendance mobile app integrated with the time & attendance software will take care of the attendance automatically for field employees working at remote locations.

Insight for Decision-Making:

This system can track all the employees to help decision-making accordingly, based on insights drawn from the data, especially during an emergency. The info is good for field sales or service teams on the road.

Customization is made easy:

Unlike other attendance clocking systems, Geo-Attendance needs no infrastructure or gadgets. The geofence time clock mobile app or web application can do the job on a compatible device easily for the HR department and make dynamic plans for them. Customizations like special shifts grace-time, break time, off-day, etc. for the particular employees based on location can be marked (and notified) and maintained.

Emanates a Positive Experience:

Clocking in and out the employee attendance is easy, comfortable, properly recorded in real-time, and more reliable than any physical or machine, daily on this platform. The software also supports a self-service portal for employee use.