What is a Geofencing time clock?

HRMatrix Geofence Time Clock is a mobile app that logs employee clock in and out times based on a virtual perimeter/boundary (a fence) around a particular location on a map. The location can be any area of interest such as your office, home, warehouse, customer place, job sites, and more. By marking the area on a map, you can automatically monitor activity such as entry, exit, and the time spent inside the area.

Instead of employees logging their clock in and out times on spreadsheets or on paper manually, hours are automatically stored in a database and can be exported at any time for payroll and compliance purposes.

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Seamless Attendance Management with HRMatrix Geofence Time Clock

Set the radius around your worksite where you will count employee attendance. Field workers can clock in upon reaching the site. HRMatrix won’t allow anyone to clock in outside the radius set by the employer. Get the exact location from where your field employee clocked out at the end of work hours.

Remind Employees To Clock in or Out on Time

Do you have a few employees on your team who are great workers but constantly forget to clock in? And you’re tasked with questioning them and correcting their incomplete timesheets more often than you’d like?

Now employees will be alerted to clock in or out or switch tasks every single time they enter or exit the geofenced area around a job site so they never forget again.

Hold Employees Accountable for Clocking in When Not Working

The truth is some employees clock in long before showing up at the actual job site. It doesn’t matter if it’s less-than-honest or an innocent bad habit, you just need to know when it happens and who’s doing it so you can end it.

Geofence Time Tracking detects when employees clock in for a specific job but are “out of bounds” of the designated job site and sends notifications to your email and on their timesheet.

You’ll be able to instantly find timesheet discrepancies and correct problematic clock-ins before they run up payroll and billing costs.