What is Geofencing Attendance Software?

Geofencing attendance software is defined as creating a virtual boundary around a real-world location or object, through which a device, an asset, or a person can be detected and monitored when entering or exiting the boundary.

Managing employee timesheets for field workforce, and remote work employees can be a huge challenge for any Organization. HRMatrix attendance management app with GPS mode or geofencing technology provides flexibility and independence to your field working teams and at the same time, it provides real-time information to your managers as well.

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Time and Attendance Software for Remote Workers

Timecheck mobile app facilitates remote workers to update their daily attendance along with geolocation. This facility enables field force to log their work hrs specifically from any Location of work, at any of their Branch, or at their client place. HRMatrix Clock- In & Clock- Out time stamp and GPS coordinates to get this recorded.

Geofencing Attendance Software – Advantages

  • Track real-time attendance with the location of all your field employees

  • Employees can mark their attendance through mobile once they reached to client site

  • Helps Individual team managers to know well about their team members' work location and Clock – In / Out timings at each of the locations

  • Effortlessly integrate Attendance data with the Payroll application