In today's environment, even when more than 90% of employees work from home, the HR department is well-equipped to manage employees. This has been made possible by the new-age HR platforms, which are meant to automate every HR activity, from leave and attendance management to employee performance assessments and appraisals.

HRMatrix is a modular HR software system, which implies it includes separate modules for each HR function. Businesses of all sizes can pick and choose the modules they require, and then add more as needed to meet the changing business needs. HRMatrix is an HR software with an attendance tracking feature that may be used both on-premise and in the cloud. The cloud support assures that it allows employees to view data from any location. This allows the attendance tracking software to track the attendance of employees based in different parts of the world.

Employees can examine their total working hours on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, as well as for custom dates, using the attendance tracking software, which also allows employees to apply for Attendance Regularization / Work Home requests with just a few clicks.

Geofencing Technology

Automated Employee Attendance Tracking with HRMatrix App

Geofencing is a relatively new technique that allows you to construct a virtual fence over a specified geographical area, with a trigger delivered every time someone enters or exits the virtual fence you've defined.

This technology has a lot of potential, and it's been utilized in HRMatrix to track the working hours and attendance of employees who are either working remotely or doing office work outside of the office. This usually applies to people who are out of the office for market visits, seminars, business events, client meetings, and so on. In times like these, attendance tracking software can help businesses ensure that employees are secure while working from home or any other pre-determined location.

To use this function, the employee's reporting manager must set a geofence for each employee and grant permission for automated attendance updates. If the employees remain within the pre-defined area, their attendance will be automatically recorded with the help of the attendance tracking software.