HR and Mental Health 

Mental Health

Mental health is one of the most important constituents of the workplace, yet it is often overlooked. There are many ways to support mental health and we are here to inform you of how HR can integrate itself into the conversation. Mental health issues can occur solidly in any environment, especially in the workplace. You have to be sure that the circumstances provided Within the workplace are not debilitating. You want to make sure that your employees are thriving and that their workload does not cause excessive amounts of pressure. Their jobs should not serve as a burden to their mental health as the workplace is a huge part of a person's schedule and since they’re spending a majority of their time at work they are susceptible to impaired mental health if the environment is not up to healthy standards.  

Mental health encompasses topics of psychology, emotional, and social well-being. Since employees are spending so much time in the physical workplace, and want to make sure that these fundamental constituents of mental health are being fulfilled. Even remote employees suffer from weakening mental health. 

HR Responsibility 

Human Resources cover many responsibilities and are here to serve employee conflicts and issues. Mental health also falls under their umbrella of responsibilities, so it is important for HR to stay on top of their employee's mental well-being! HR needs to hold conversations and observe employee behavior to keep track of how well these employees are doing. Of course, this can be achieved to only the best of their ability, but sometimes employees may be suffering without displaying behaviors that point to unhealthy mental states. HRMatrix is here to give you tips on how to better understand and take care of employees who as dealing with poor mental health. This first and most difficult task is to assess mental health as most employees really don’t like to show how they are really feeling. 


While some may hold their emotions on their sleeves other employees pretend to act all right when they are actually suffering so it is important to communicate with your employees to understand where their mental health resides and how you can help them potentially. Communication is a key factor within the workplace as it can guide you to achieve resolutions that you probably would not have thought of by yourself. Start off small. Communicate your observations and how it points to poor mental health to see if the employee in question is actually going through something. If they are, then further the conversation to understand where these feelings are coming from. Once the source is identified see if HR can help combat the state of poor mental health. Sometimes poor mental health can be due to the workplace environment other times it can be personal, however, in the case of it being personal you do not need to immediately withdraw as HR is there to help employees regardless of the type of situation. 

Mental Health Awareness

Besides combating mental health through direct communication, you can also implement mental health awareness generally within the workplace environment to alert others. Provide them tips and extra guidance to help them achieve success!