What is the Case Study Method?

The case study is a method used as a part of, off-the-job managerial training and development. It includes a detailed written description of a stimulated or real-life decision-making scenario. Trainees are expected to solve the problems stated in the case using their decision-making ability complemented by teamwork skills.

Aim of Case Study Method

The aim of the case study method is to develop managerial competency, problem-solving and decision-making skills. The trainer will only act as a facilitator to guide the discussion but will not provide any input to encourage the trainees to participate and master their KSAs.

Advantages of Case Study

An advantage of the case study method is that it exposes the trainees to a wide range of situations, which they otherwise may not have faced and thereby allows them to test their skills and develop their strengths. Furthermore, this method provokes real-life behaviour to help trainees understand and improve their behaviour in a crisis situation. Another advantage is that case studies stimulate innovation and ideas which can be further implemented on the job.

HRM Case Studies

HR case studies play vital roles in human resource management, personnel management, and other related courses. They include a detailed description of a simulated or real-life decision-making scenario. They also aim to enhance decision-making skills, managerial competency, and problem-solving skills.

It gives a clear picture of the concepts when you practise them through case studies. Here we have given some live HRM case studies that are short, useful & interesting. This will allow you to think beyond the theoretical part and make you capable of applying the concepts in real-time situations.

HRMatrix Case Studies

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There are short and simple HRMatrix Case Studies on HRM with Solutions.