Hiring Template – Recruiting Email Templates that Win Candidates

The hiring manager will be responsible for securing the best person for the job in their team. They typically define the function of the job and then create a list of skills and abilities required to fill the job. The hiring manager usually shares the details with the hiring manager prior to the hiring process getting underway. It is the job of the recruiter to find the most qualified candidates to be considered for the next stage of the interview.

A recruiter plays a crucial part in determining if a candidate is a good match for the company, therefore, the process has to be conducted with care. Although the recruiter may shortlist top candidates, the hiring manager has the responsibility to choose the most suitable candidate for the business. The hiring manager is able to assess candidates and eliminate candidates who appear promising on paper, but do not have the competencies needed by the company. They can also be able to advise recruiters to search for potential candidates in the event that the previously selected candidates do not meet the requirements. 

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The recruiter will send an email to the manager who is hiring that includes a brief description of the hiring procedure. After that the manager will interview the candidate they have selected and choose the most suitable candidate for the job description. A job update email sent by your recruiter to hiring managers can be extremely beneficial as it provides the hiring manager a summary of the state in the process of hiring. A message from the recruiting manager to recruiter email template to candidate contains details such as -

  • The number of applications received

  • Candidates who have been interviewed for an interview

  • Interviews with candidates

  • Candidates selected for next round of interview

  • Name of the candidate selected.

  • Amount of candidates that were rejected

Important to send a quality job update email

An email from a recruiter to a hiring manager typically used to keep hiring managers updated regarding the process of recruiting and to help manager who is hiring prepares for forthcoming interviews. The reasons for sending an email to update the hiring process are as the following:

  • It facilitates communication between the hiring manager.

  • This makes the process of hiring simple to understand by using hiring email sample.

  • It provides the hiring manager with an idea of the applicant's abilities and qualifications, and assists them prepare for their interview according to the candidate's qualifications.

How do you compose an email to a prospective manager?

An email from a recruiter to the hiring manager must be concise and contain only the most important information. It is suggested to utilize bullet points instead of creating lengthy texts to ensure that the hiring manager is able to quickly review your email and be able to save time. It is possible to personalize your email and include things like:

  • We received (X numbers) of application and pre-screened [Yof candidates]
  • Scheduled [X number] of phone screening calls.
  • Selection of [X number] candidates to attend the next round of interview and rejected [X number] of applicants

The mention of the names of the candidates is crucial to make it easy for the manager to talk to them in the course of the interview.

Attach all pertinent documents to your email. This includes the resume of the applicant, additional notes or remarks, the results of the test or assignment, etc. This will give the manager an understanding of the process of hiring. As a recruiter, you may include information such as the number of interviews or screenings scheduled for the coming week. It is also essential to provide any assistance or request that the manager call you with any further details.

Template for an email to update the hiring manager Template for emailing the recruiter for the manager who is hiring

Hi (Hiring Manager's name),

I'm giving you an update on where we are with regards to the job title that is open for the job title:

  • Screening phone calls that were conducted: [ ]

  • The number of applicants who made it into the phase of assignment []

  • The number of screening calls to be made for the upcoming week [ ]

  • Deadline for assignment submission: [Date]

Here's a summary of the most qualified candidates we've found thus far:

  •  [Name the candidate 1.): Does not have prior experience in the field, but has thoroughly researched our company and is truly keen on the job. The discussion was very productive and I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of the task.

  •  [Name the candidate 2.) Two years of experience in a similar position and is well-versed in the industry. The discussion was extremely formal.

For more specific details, please look up my notes included in this email. If you require additional information. We are able to schedule a short or a meeting to follow up.

Thank you for your kind words,

[ Your Name ] [ Email Signature ]

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