Evaluating programmers’ programming skills has become a crucial step in any computer field recruitment process. In our recent tech hiring survey, we discovered that the number one challenge met by recruiters when hiring developers was to find sufficiently qualified candidates. Indeed, the majority of candidates are good at theoretical concepts but unable to perform the coding accurately and efficiently.

So, now you are thinking: “can’t you trust developers’ resumes?”. Well, no.

Firstly, you can miss great candidates without checking their coding skills because good programmers can't always share and put their coding skills on a piece of paper.

Secondly, some candidates are good at writing and highlighting extra points on their resumes, and you get attracted to a shiny CV, which lately disappoints you.

A variety of capabilities make for a capable programmer – but technical skills are the ones that you can assess most accurately.

Looking to hire a programmer? Wondering how to test coding skills before hiring? Don't worry because now HRMatrix has just introduced their new feature for assessing programmers' coding abilities by using Artificial intelligence to get accurate results without any biases.

HRMatrix coding assessment is

  • Easy to use

  • Make it easy to detect plagiarism

  • Allow for the number of applicants you need

  • Offer an option for you to upload your own challenges

  • Support the languages and frameworks you need

  • Flexible and customizable

  • Offer the number of seats you need for your team

  • Have a great customer support

  • Offer a great candidate experience

Improve your developer screening procedure. Keep our tool in mind when looking for your next developer: eliminate the guesswork and know for sure whether they’re a good fit for your software company.