Keep Employee And Applicant Data Secure With HRMS

The advancement in technology has also acted as a severe threat to data security. 34% of firms hit with malware took a week or more to recover access to their data. Business leaders globally are becoming careful of threats emerging over their organizational data. However, some businesses continue to work on spreadsheets and other legacy methods to manage employee data despite the repeated threats. Not only is this a dated process of keeping records, but it also encourages data security crimes.

The digital landscape is replete with warnings from cybercriminals and hackers. In such a situation, companies should secure that they have a stable strategy and method in place to protect essential data.

HR department holds essential employee and company data that can be destructive in the wrong hands. Vulnerability to employee data drives to a waste of resources and puts a scratch on the brand name. Employees are helpful contributors to your business, and a violation of their data can lead to decline and lawsuits in critical cases. 

To protect employee and candidate data from immediate threats, spending in an HRMS that values privacy and takes data security threats seriously is vital. New-age HR management systems are equipped with top-class features that keep your data secured and protected at all times. The HR department has access to colossal employee and applicant data sizes, and an HRMS can help protect it from data threats.

Here’s how an HRMS Employee Database Software can assist you in securing primary HR data:

  • Data encryption

HRMS encrypts user credentials of employees, retaining the data highly secured and protected against all feasible data warnings. The HRMS applications are usually configured with an SSL certificate and have performed GDPR agreement. 

  • User-based access

HRMS stores data from dropping into the wrong hands by allowing access to only particular users. Trusted users based on their distinct job functions are allowed access into particular divisions by the primary stakeholders. The access rights management module also performs IP-based limitations to check remote login access. 

  • Port-based access

With port-based limitations, you can allow only authorized ports to access the application. Secure HTTP protocols recognize warnings and vulnerabilities before any employee data gets attacked. All the warnings can be caught on time, thereby limiting any absolute disaster.

HRMatrix Human Resource Management Software is an end-to-end HRMS system that satisfies the ever-growing demands of modern-day workplaces. It executes your streamlined, innovative, and speedy HR process, substituting the old legacy systems with system-driven workflows. It gives world-class security features that keep your important data safe and secured at all times.