Online Recorded Interviews

This is the era of the modern world and everyone is so busy in their life and has a tough schedule. No one has enough time to go or do such things which are not in their schedule. In the busy routine, neither the HR manager has time to conduct interviews and nor the candidates to give. The best solution for this is online recorded interviews. In online recorded interviews, the interviewer sets everything for the candidate, and the candidate can easily answer the questions at any time.


Easy for organization:

With online recorded interviews, the organization doesn’t need to manage the place and time for the candidates. They just need to set the questions and see the recording.

More Efficient and Quick way to hire:

Many candidates give up on recruitment processes when they feel the company is taking longer than expected because everyone is in search of job and no one waits for long time. In this way, you can conduct the whole interview in a day and select the candidates in a short span of time.

Save your time:

You don’t need to go for interview at a specific time at specific place. It will be more difficult for you to manage your time if you need to go to another city, and recording interviews will surely save you time to go.

Save Money:

It can save your travel costs like paying for taxi or petrol. If you are going outside the city, this thing will save your money of hoteling.

Opportunity for the candidate:

Many people don't have not enough confidence to face the interviewer and can't explain their skills. This thing will help the candidate to tell his/her skills beyond the CV without any hesitation.

In HRMatrix you can schedule an automated interview, the recording of the complete interview will be saved in video form and you can check this video anytime whenever suits you. This would make your hiring process easy and quick.