Paid Time off Software:

This product offers paid time off software to track PTO for your employees, as well as integrate with HR. Paid Time Off software helps you ensure that your company always has the staff and coverage you require with a simple system.

Paid Time Off module combines all of your accrued leave each year into a pool of combined days you can use when needed. Allocate as many days as you like, track how much time is left to use, or report on payouts-all from one central location. Personalize your setup by allocating additional PTO days for milestone anniversaries or based on job classification.

We solve the problem of managing employee leave. PTO by HRMatrix is a fast, easy-to-use service that allows you to track and approve all leave requests from a single dashboard and automate the accrual process for your employees. Configure paid time off policies for different roles and departments in your organization, and watch as your dashboard comes to life with real time graphs, reports and notifications.

How HRMatrix Paid Time off software works:

Paid Time off software makes managing employee time off easy for both employees and their managers. Our comprehensive cloud-based solution seamlessly tracks and monitors all types of employee time off, such as vacation, sick days and holidays. Forget about emails, phone calls and text messages regarding time off requests. Replace antiquated paper-based processes with a powerful solution that offers: instant access to employee accuracy by automatically tracking accrual balances.

HRMatrix PTO software is a simple, easy-to-use tool that lets employees request and take paid time off. It also allows managers to approve or deny paid time off requests. By using paid time off software companies help minimize HR paperwork and take the hassle out of tracking employee PTO.

Our Software automates your Paid Time Off tracking with this easy to use software. Allows employees to request PTO, instantly see how many vacation days they have left, and view a company-wide calendar that employees can use to find open time off dates. PTO software helps you manage, track and automate your team’s Time off in an efficient and elegant way, making it easy for employees to book PTO and plan absences based on their needs.

Benefits of using HRMatrix Paid Time off Software:

Regardless of company size, our paid time off software is the best way to track, organize, and automate employee time off requests. Maintaining an automated log of PTO requests helps keep employees accountable and on the same page throughout the entire process.

Every business needs PTO Software to manage the time off of their employees. It is the most helpful software when it comes to tracking paid time off and building an absence management policy. In addition, this software increases productivity, reduces the stress of HR employees, and shows how much time an employee has left.

HRMatrix PTO Software is an enterprise-wide, rules-based Paid Time off software solution that manages tracks, streamlines and reports all of your Leave of Absence. HRMatrix is a simple way to manage employee time off through our highly effective and user-friendly software.