Project Cost Tracking

Project Cost Tracking Software allows you to track and analyze project costs with ease. Use our Project Cost Tracking Software to keep track of how much your projects are costing your business, which clients generate the most revenue, and whether or not you are turning a profit on each client.

Project Cost Tracking Software helps businesses manage their project costs and track the progress of each project easily. This simple project management software allows you to create project budgets and track expenses, ensuring that everything is under control. Project Cost Tracking Software includes customizable options to fit the needs of any business or industry.

Project Cost Tracking Software is an easy-to-use time tracking and cost management solution for companies of any size in the construction industry. Web-based and accessible from any device, it provides accurate and reliable data at any time and from anywhere.

Project Cost Tracking Software tracks project costs and expenses, assesses your workers’ time expenditure, and enables you to bill clients accordingly. It’s a proven and reliable tool that lets you monitor all processes within the project management cycle. You can quickly see planned vs. actual expenses, look at bills, invoices, and timesheets at any time during a project and get instant updates on spending. Project Cost Tracking Software lets you control project costs from planning to completion.

Key features of our Project Cost Tracking Software

HRMatrix is the gateway to all your real-time project cost tracking needs. Get an instant view of your actual vs estimated expense costs, estimated vs actual hours and the total cost associated with it. You can create a single place for accessing information on all active projects.

Project Cost Analytic

Track time, expenses and actual along with projected costs in one consolidated view. Real Time analytics offers the visibility of the actual spending with budgeted cost and the forecasted cost. Historical data comparison helps you make decisions about future spending.

Get a consolidated view of project hours, expenses, actual and projected costs in a unified view. Project Cost Analytic provides real time analytics of how much has been spent and how much is remaining within your projects.

Real time project analytics gives you an up-to-date view of the status of your projects. It provides a comprehensive view of outstanding hours and expenses, budgeted, projected and actual costs. A dashboard shows you key performance indicators so you can make timely adjustments to your project planning. 

Real Time Task Management

Real Time Task Management gives you complete visibility and control over how time is spent in your organization. You can create any number of tasks with a start and end date. Assign these to employees and monitor actual vs estimated hours used on each task. It enables you to better manage the time spending on each task, and will help streamline the processes in your organization.

Create various tasks with start and end dates. Assign these to employees and monitor actual vs estimated hours with the help of our real time task monitoring software. It helps you in managing your time better as well as analyzing employee productivity.

Team Management

HRMatrix gives you a complete visibility of the tasks assigned to each employee with a timeline to better manage employee productivity and keep up morale. You have an insight of who is responsible for which tasks till when. It helps you to lessen employee burnout rate and longer employee retention. HRMatrix, a fully integrated HR Management System offers all the essential elements essential for managing job requests. It gives a complete visibility of tasks assigned to each employee with a timeline. 


Documentation allows you to build a centralized project documentation repository. Prepare your organization to meet the audit compliance requirements. When the need comes up, documentation can be made available with few clicks.

Create the go-to central project documentation repository with the ability to create a consolidated documentation package for meeting audit compliance requirements. Changes to documentation can be pushed quickly and easily to all users involved in the project. When compliance audit requirements are needed, make them available with a few clicks.

This is a full-featured documentation tool to help both small and large enterprises build a single source of truth for their organization's infrastructure assets and their inter-relationships with the underlying software applications. A completely automated system which simplifies and accelerates the generation, discovery and publishing of such documentation. 

Multilinguistic Real-time Project Cost Analytic

HRMatrix project cost tracking lets you get real-time insight into spending control in multiple languages. Under pressure to continuously do more with less; HRMatrix HRM can help you create significant savings using a collaborative, web-based approach for the management of HR transactions and more.

Our project cost tracking solution delivers real-time insight into company spending for CFOs and department heads in Multi Language. When you're under pressure to do more with less, our solution will help you create savings using a web-based approach that's collaborative, easy-to-use, and customizable to your industry and business processes.

Track projects and expenses in real-time with HRMatrix to better manage budgets. Our multilingual solution provides automated expense policy compliance and approval notifications so you can take charge of your spending.