Secure entry into the workplaces using the Facial Recognition Attendance system

Facial Recognition Attendance System (FARS) is the next-generation time tracking method that can make a safe, COVID-free workplace.

The ability to track attendance is essential for any organization regardless of size or industry. Management must monitor and accurately record attendance since it directly relates to other HR components such as payroll, leave, and so on. The system for managing attendance has undergone a major change in a relatively short time. From manual registers to high-tech intelligent attendance tracking devices technology has changed the way companies manage their employees' working hours. After geotagging and geofencing facial recognition is the latest technology for tracking attendance that is which is widely accepted worldwide.

What is the Facial Recognition Attendance System?

Facial recognition is a simple and secure method of tracking off attendance. It's a biometric identifier method that uses a face-scanning device. The device records the facial image of employees and then processes the data into a secure database. The images scanned are saved and converted into an image coordinate structure. The software is able to be downloaded on all devices, so the faces of employees can be captured with precision. After registration, the device detects the face that is matched at each check-in.

Benefits of Attendance at Facial Recognition Mechanism:

The facial recognition system for attendance is a real-time, contact-free attendance tracking system that is extremely appropriate in the current situation. The workplace isn't going to be the same after COVID. Although the disease is still on the rise, businesses are trying to restart their operations on their premises to ensure continuity of business. In these circumstances, the health and wellbeing of employees and safety are of utmost importance. Companies are looking for ways to make their workplaces COVID-free for their employees. A touch-free check-in system is the first step in this direction.

Here are a few good reasons to consider the Facial Recognition Attendance system:

  • Real-time attendance tracking. Track attendance of the workforce distributed at any time and in real-time.
  • Accurate and error-free - Facial Recognition timer gives precise data with no human intervention. This can help minimize discrepancies, such as buddy punching.
  • Easy integration with the system It is able to be seamlessly integrated with other HR elements like leave and payroll. It is quick to expand and process a large number of facial IDs, in detailed and organized ways inside the databases.
  • Security and safety enhanced Security and safety - One of the main benefits that come with the use of the Facial Recognition System is increased security and authenticity. In the event that facial recognition technologies are set up on the premises of the business, it assists in identifying the authorized items and grants secure access to authorized personnel only.
  • Reports - With extensive reports, managers can monitor the log-in and out of employees, calculate attendance-based pay, review the absence list, take the necessary steps, and access the personal details of employees.
  • A low-cost solution for managing attendance that includes high-speed facial recognition. This recognition is an affordable alternative that is seamlessly integrated into any device with a smart sensor. It's extremely efficient since it detects faces within milliseconds using its high-speed scanning capability.

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