Stale Rewards

Employee engagement has reached its height in common company dialogue as it provides a myriad of benefits to help align with set prospects. It’s definitely become a great discussion to elaborate over, because there are always new lists of methods supplying company interests. To professionally and beneficially cater to their employees, one strategy helps build strong, enthusiastic relationships.

HRMatrix wants to bring the subject of reward to attention, because sometimes the same types of rewards become stale, and lose company morale. Motivation relies on occasional change. Refreshing and new sorts of reward help employees strive, because they finally have something to look forward to that might differ from other companies that take orthodox routes to reward their employees. Money isn’t always the answer, by the way.

Reward is not only used for major instances of effort. Small steps deserve little rewards too. This allows you to better monitor your employees, and make sure where they are excelling and what they’re strengths are. Rewarding them can help employees understand that they are on the right track, so they will continue working with that same amount of hard work. 


Tips on Reward:


  1. Public Thank You

A public thank you is casual, but it makes the day better for your employee. They will take it as a green-light signal and continue with genuine consistency while also confirming their idea of you as a manager. Even in a generalized instance that addresses the entire staff, this provides a positive impact. It’s just a little gesture that makes your and your branch’s day brighter. 


  1. Notes/Cards

Handwritten notes go a long way. Notes are a personal way of expressing gratitude and well, that sort of approach builds an interpersonal dynamic with your employees. It is a sincere expression. A card or even a little post-it note is really nice!


  1.  Time Off

Offer time off. Moving on from smaller rewards, let’s focus on rewards that are more valued or appreciated. Offering time off for employees who put in extra hours is a great way of validating hard work. Employees compromising their weekend for projects is commendable, so reward them! Maybe let them take off a couple hours early to jump-start their weekend or offer an extra day.


  1. Small Gifts

It’s the thought that counts, so try rewarding your employees with small gifts. It’s a great way to express your gratitude and appreciation for all of their admiral effort. Maybe take your employees unique traits into consideration when shopping for gifts. 


  1. All-Company Activity

This is a fun way to get the employees involved and boost company morale, because it’s something to look forward to at a place that’s meant for work. It’s rewarding, refreshing, and it’s really fun! Holiday parties are a great way to recognize effort and allow others to get off from work early. Include outdoor games, new foods, or a BBQ.



Sure, rewards have become kind of stale for most companies, but HRMatrix wants you to be ahead of the game with integrity and kindness. Rewards really do go a long way, so make sure your employees are stimulated and happy, because they deserve to be! Hard work must be rewarded, and change is a good thing; think about the results when you combine the two.