Taking breaks is a great way to revitalize and invest energy into your workday. A typical 9-5 is often draining but work is necessary! Even more than that, quality work is necessary in order to keep your job. The workplace has become a competitive jungle, that’s why it is up to you to increase levels of productivity by introducing rejuvenation through breaks and a healthier routine overall. When you are on break, use your time wisely! Some of us are workaholics and have side hustles they need to invest in constantly. If working on other pursuits keeps your energy boosted, go for it! Some of us want to relax. Go get a massage, go home and relax, meditate, light candles. Others prefer sheer entertainment. Take time to watch your favorite series or grab a tasty bite!


Knowing which tasks need to be allocated first is key. Essentially what you are doing is executing the necessary tasks first as they require more effort and you typically have the most in the morning, when you’ve just hit the ground running. Using your time wisely is a fundamental attractive to attain and maintain in the workplace. After you’ve learned to prioritize yourself and your mental health, make sure to use that powerful energy of yours to produce and generate quality work. Productivity relies on critical thinking, not just a mechanical work ethic. If your manager needs something done at a certain hour, prepare for that task and execute it with quality effort regardless of whether you prefer using your time for that particular task or not. Your goal in this case is to spend your time in a way that is productive and bodes well for you in the long run! Being productive is easier said than done. 

Don’t always multi-task

Yes, it’s a great way to kill two birds but sometimes using one stone doesn’t get the job done. What we mean is, multi-tasking isn’t always the efficient way to complete your tasks as you are diving your attention to multiple jobs, and this inevitably reduces the overall quality of your work! Be very aware of this trait as you can use to your advantage and several scenarios but it should not be your go-to mode of operation at work. There will always be consequences to every action, these consequences can be good or bad. Be conscientious of your choices and be aware of the results so that you are able to make tact judgments upon tasks that need some attention. 

Perfection is unrealistic 

When we encourage you to reach your utmost potential, that doesn’t mean we are suggesting you to manifest perfection! Aiming towards perfection is nonsense and cannot be achieved, so cut yourself some slack and give yourself a much-needed break because you definitely deserve it. Striving for perfection only drains you and the workplace needs your energy to generate quality work. Management is looking for employees who learn from their mistakes and are accountable for their mishaps. They are not searching for someone to begin and forever continue at work with a perfectionist’s standard. They want someone realistic because that is the most successful mindset in the long run. 

Time tracking

This is also a great way to maintain productivity in the workplace As you are able to process and be mindful of your schedule as opposed to executing Tasks because that just looks like you are running out the clock. This sort of mindset at work is actually quite counterproductive so be aware of your time tracking abilities. This method is also very similar to the prioritization of your tasks as you become more and more aware of your schedule and time. This will in return make you a far more productive employee and management will definitely notice, which will put you at the credit lines for promotion considerations. HR matrix is targeting productivity and quality work ethic to increase your potential and achieve bigger goals