Employees play a crucial role in the growth and productivity of any business or company. Hence, the attendance of the employees is also important for the company. Without proper track of the attendance of the employees, it is impossible to track productivity as well. HRMatrix provides an AI-Powered face recognition, secure and transparent Contact-less attendance tracking system to monitor and track employee attendance in real-time. Here we will discuss various ways to track employee attendance.

Ways to Track Employee Attendance:

Each and every business must know some of the ways to track employee attendance accurately. Having an efficient attendance tracking system is not at all time-consuming in nature. Below are some methods for tracking employee attendance.

1: Track with Mobile Attendance System

Tracking the hours when the employees are working can be a great way to track the attendance as well as the activity of the employees. This data is combined with the payroll system. So, it provides accurate working hours. The employers can also confirm the hour of working from the data that is collected through the GPS-enabled company phones. They can track the movement legally.

2: Card Swipe MachinesWays to Track Employee Attendance

Have you heard of the paper card system? Well, the card swipes are the modern version of that system. Instead of the card, employees have to swipe their ID cards in the card swipe machines that are mounted on the wall. When the card is swiped into the machine, all the data can be automatically transferred to the computer. The computer can calculate the total hours an employee work.

3: Use an Attendance Software/App

The best way to track the hours of employees is to have a system that can capture the time. This system can accurately deliver the information for a faster payroll. This system can be automated or manual in nature and the system of tracking hours can also depend.

A centralized system that helps you as well as your employees to view and track the attendance data can provide great value to a company. The employees can easily review the total hours worked and the available sick leave for each employee. Having this software as an app on their phone allows them to view their hours remotely, as well as lets you approve hours remotely.

4: Cloud Hosted SoftwareCompanies need the best system that can track the attendance of the employees accurately. But if you do not want to purchase any costly software or hardware, then you can opt for the cloud-hosted software. This works in tracking the duration of an employee's work. The systems that are cloud-based offer great and easy solutions for entering the hours of work quickly.

Bottom Line

So, these are some of the ways to track employee attendance. You can use these methods to track the attendance of all the employees successfully. This will help you to create an efficient payroll system in your office. Also, you will be able to track the attendance of the employees and the number of leaves taken by them. Our HRMatrix time tracking app here at Time Clock allows you to view and approve hours remotely. You can also track the total duration or hours of their work.