Benefits of HRMatrix Recruitment or Interview BOT

While many of us have had the chance to interact with HR Recruitment BOT, also known as employee assistants, are becoming the next big thing in internal communications. But, what are they and how can they benefit your organization?

What is an HRMatrix Recruitment BOT or Interview BOT?

HRMatrix interviewbot give employees easy access to information and files from a combination of back-end sources: HRMatrix Human Resources Software or Document Management Software. It then displays the output to the employees in a simple recruitment bot interface integrated in their daily Employee Communication Tools or as a standalone tool. Thanks to artificial intelligence technologies and NLP, employee interviewbot can present the data in a natural, conversational way, easily identifying the context of your employees’ queries and providing the most relevant information. Essentially, HRMatrix interviewbot can be seen as a portable HR manager, available 24/7 to assist employees with any questions in real-time, in some cases also carrying out small automated tasks for them.

But, why should you seriously consider implementing an employee assistant solution in your organization? Read on.

How can you benefit from HRMatrix Interview BOT?

#1 HRMatrix Interview BOT save time and boost employee productivity

Did you know that a good interviewbot is able to answer 80% of customer queries? The same goes for employee questions. Naturally, an AI software is able to process a much larger number of questions, at a higher speed than any human could. Besides providing the usual FAQ answers, it enables workflow creation to execute processes, communicate company values and goals and helps with employee onboarding. It not only saves much of the HR department time, but can also integrate with the tool stack of different departments and enable employees to automate small repetitive tasks. By eliminating repetitive tasks, employees are left with more time on their hands to focus on getting their tasks done rather than searching for information.

#2 HRMatrix Recruitment BOT decreases the overhead costs of HR

HRMatrix Recruitment BOT help to reduce company costs. Think of the hours per week spent by your HR staff and people managers in assisting with generic and employee-specific queries. Think of all the repetitive support tasks that are part of the onboarding process for new employees. Think of the staffing costs for your own internal HR helpdesk. Due to their impact on employee engagement, interviewbot can also reduce turnover. Last but not least, better access to the company knowledge base enables HR staff to work more efficiently and accurately than before, cutting down operational costs.

#3 HRMatrix Interview BOT enhances the Onboarding Experience

A successful onboarding process has a direct impact on talent retention in the future. Research proves that a solid onboarding process can improve talent retention by 82%!

The onboarding process is critical. It not only allows new employees to get to know the team, but also plays a significant role in teaching them how to effectively communicate within an organization. An increasing amount of companies reach for Artificial Intelligence to support them in this process. AI-driven HR bot enhances the employee experience due to their tech-savvy nature, which improves company morale and enables onboarding through a multitude of cloud-based solutions. HRMatrix recruitment bot doesn’t require end-user training to be effective, therefore they make it simple for new team members to familiarize themselves with an organization’s internal systems, procedures and culture.

#4 HRMatrix Recruitment BOT improve Employee Productivity

Employee productivity often suffers because of repetitive small tasks that need to be performed. Interviewbot allow for automation of such activity, easing the workload and liberating employees to focus on more important tasks.  HRMatrix interviewbot can improve employee productivity by over 70%. They make it possible to book and validate time off, to update personal information, find experts or request employee contact details or org chart information. Besides 

#5 HRMatrix interviewbot enables Remote Work

This year remote work has become the only option for many people. HRMatrix InterviewBot help ease the stress tied to working from home as they provide 24/7 support and easier access to stored knowledge. Besides this, their automation options help with processes such as attendance or timesheet reporting. Overall, they have a positive impact on interactions between employees, keeping frustrations at bay.

#6 HRMatrix Interviewbot improve Knowledge Management

One of the biggest advantages of HRMatrix Recruitment BOT is that they have the potential to refine and tame an organization’s internal knowledge management system. They constitute a portal to the entirety of company knowledge and information. Enterprise search is going through an efficiency crisis and HR or interview bot in general are a great solution to that. The conversational interfaces save employees hours spent on scrolling through documents or going through applications and tools to find data and answers to urgent questions. They can be as simple as an FAQ bot or they can retrieve information from every tool used in a company whether tied to HR or not. Good interviewbot aggregate all accessible company knowledge and display it in a direct, personalised and approachable way. All in all, they make internal processes and daily tasks seamless by delivering exactly what is needed. The NLP behind them, also makes sure that the information is accessible to everyone regardless of skills in search strategy and keywords.

#7 HRMatrix interviewbot helps improve your Employer Reputation

It’s no secret that providing employees access to new cutting edge cloud technology has a positive impact on employer branding. Even more so, when the software in question is easy to use, benefits every employee and helps them become more efficient on a daily basis. Besides supporting HR teams and giving the whole organization access to company knowledge, recruitmentbot have the power to improve employee reputation. 

#8 HRMatrix recruitmentbot help gather user insights

Due to the lack of effective feedback solutions, many organizations fail to study user needs for improvements. Again, this is where HRMatrix interviewbot come to the rescue, to help create a structure of feedback loops. A closer look at user preferences generates valuable insights leading to better user-adaptation. Based on the types of questions asked and their frequency, admins can determine the type of information that needs to be shared even better and the type of knowledge that still requires documentation. 


So, why do you need an employee assistant right now?

Employee assistants have proven to be a necessity especially in 2020, considering that working from home has become the norm for many. Effective internal communication has never been as important as it is now. Teams, separated by distance, struggle to share information and knowledge, while juggling their responsibilities and balancing their work and private life. HRMatrix interviewbot, or employee assistants can take a load off HR departments’ shoulders and make sure all employees are well informed at all times with constant and easy access to crucial information. 

The new way of remote working is very likely to stay around after the pandemic has long ended. Besides productivity, HRMatrix recruitmentbot can also boost employee morale. Dear CHRO’s and HR leaders, it is your moment to strengthen your company culture and show your employees that you care about them. The way you handle communication during a crisis will have a direct impact on your employee churn rate once the crisis has stabilized. The time has never been better to introduce a new, helpful solution into your communication toolbox.