Achieving That “Can Do” Attitude


The subject of progress is something that cannot be quantified into immediate action, but we all aim to excel in the workplace. We want to embark on better positions and qualify for the right promotion, yet it’s hard to break down the necessary steps in order to not only execute progress, but be recognized for it too. 

Recognition is a fundamental source of productivity on both, the employee and employer’s end.  It helps employers understand key roles, traits, and behaviors that employees use in regard to workplace criteria. To be identified as a perfect candidate for a promotion, you have to have that “can do” attitude. HRMatrix is here to break down the steps on how you can achieve that. In other words, we are going to help you get recognized. 

This particular mindset means you are willing to work the extra hours, perform tasks beyond your job’s realm, and support departments as an assistant to management. Right now, it probably feels like this is easier said than done. Don’t be discouraged, because it’s all about getting into that headspace, and that’s not all too hard. 


  1. Mindset

Get your head wrapped around the idea that you are going to come in and exceed at your job. You are going to ask questions that have effective answers, apply those answers, and promote your effort to prove you are participating according to desired expectations. 

Mindset means, you came prepared. You did not come to work ready to compromise your own job for different workplace needs, because that will eventually result in poorly identified effort. To be ready, organize your schedule the night before. You don’t have to spend hours meticulously scheduling daily operations, but try to briefly make note of what you are to complete.


  1. Opt for Efficiency

Before pursuing tasks beyond your department, you have to complete your responsibilities. Learn about efficient methods that can help you quickly perform your duties with accuracy. A bonus would be to go over these methods with your superiors to firstly, gain approval, and secondly, display initiative. Initiative goes a long way. 


  1. Time Management

  • Prioritize wisely

  • Organize tasks in three categories: Primary, secondary, and tertiary

  • Collaborate (if possible) to conserve time

  • Plan ahead

  • Manage break times. Breaks are necessary, use them wisely


  1. Ask the Right Questions

Asking the right questions means you are ready to extend your resources and capabilities beyond your job’s criteria, so pick subjects that are current to the company/business’s prospects. 

You don’t want to inquire about outdated projects and how you can advance. You want to appear innovative and productive. You want to show that you are capable of moving forward, because that is what is good for the company, and that sort of approach will reward you. 


  1. Follow Up

Always follow up with your progress. This will further establish your consistent interest and contribution to the company. This is a prominent feature of a “can do” attitude. Send emails, arrange discussions, and provide tangible progress. 


  1. Be Enthusiastic

Once you have completed your duties, and your employer has recognized the initiative you’ve taken to help, the requests will begin. Some might challenge you, some might push you to learn new things, and you have to maintain a sense of responsive passion. That is the epitome of your goal!



It takes diligence, it takes time, and effort, but this method is promising as a reward will surely follow. Keep on asking questions, providing progress, and completing all necessary tasks before subscribing to a new method of workplace attitude. Preparation is everything as it will help you gauge your potential before executing.