Can Passion be Fabricated?

In short, no. Passion cannot be fabricated and neither does HRMatrix endorse such falsity, because passion is a natural response to a subject that resonates with your liking and identity. Passion can be encouraged, it can even be convinced, but we do not want to promulgate acceptance for an unhealthy workplace or a job that does not benefit your future or wellbeing. 

It is a sensitive subject and the tips provided to build flavor to taste should be used wisely. If your job has negative effects and implicates harm or any sort of harassment, it is best to quit your job as you would never develop passion for it anyway. Remember these blogs are about your growth. You come first! 

On the other hand, if you are at a dull stage of your career but aren’t in any place or need to flee, we can help you build passion that can uplift feelings about yourself and the professional career you have chosen. There are steps to regulate passion and maintain it to produce better results that encourage positive mental health and progressive transition. 


  1. You Have an Impact

Understand that not all of us are going to grow up to be philanthropists and multi-millionaires that save the world one day at a time. However we try and we do what we can. Even our jobs help us contribute, and we make someone’s life better. 

Your earnings provide you with charitable opportunities to fulfill impactful goals. Your workplace attitude helps create real and rewarding relationships with your coworkers- which is another way to impart good intent. You are an individual with value, you bring change just by carrying yourself in a more positive light. Remember that the little things count. 

  • Fulfill whims at home.

  • Build a pattern of positive affirmations

  • Be kind to yourself

  • Use your positive energy to help others at work

  • Offer little gestures of gratitude

  • Be real. Treat people as individuals

You don’t know. How you behave in the workplace may give a coworker another reason to reconsider the positivity of life. A smile, a conservation, jokes and gestures go a long way!


  1. Build Meaningful Relationships

Friendships with your coworkers can help you create passion for your job, because their positive thinking and energy can be infectious. Their perspective can help you relate and comprehend more reasons to be grateful for where you are and how your actions and identity can be perceived as a benefit. Good energy fosters healthy levels of reassurance that everyone needs now and then. 


  1. Perfect and The Lack Of

Nothing is going to be %100 perfect in life and that’s okay. It is not any sort of disappointment really, it is a reality that should be left unchallenged- otherwise you will exhaust yourself mentally put yourself in a poor mental state. Passion does not derive from perfection. It’s time you bring yourself to accept that, because the faults and flaws bring variety and help you appreciate the array of differences your life obtains that help you build character. Adversity helps strengthen you and make you the person you are. We all need challenges to test and develop!


  1. Change is a Good Thing

Changing your pace is a refreshing practice that can help rejuvenate your mind. If you believe you could potentially benefit from change, make one. Communicate schedule changes with your superiors/management. 

Be honest and clear with how you are feeling and that you want to provide your best for the company. Even a seating change could help a lot! It’s perfectly okay to express discomfort and even better if you are also providing reasonable solutions so that they are not tasked with the responsibility to strategize changes for you.