Disability inclusiveness

Disability inclusiveness doesn’t only regard rudimentary inclusiveness. It’s not just a status of admission that is meant to complete diversity expectations. To successfully achieve disability inclusiveness, a business or company must accommodate the unique needs of each disability. There are mobility, cognitive, vision, hearing, and more disabilities that do not receive enough recognition to accommodate. It is a standard and priority to foster a healthy and inclusive environment so everyone can thrive without reservations. 

If a company fails to ensure an environment that provides comfort for an employee, the company will fail itself, because the lack of company integrity implies falsity. A business without such standards attain poor impressions and not to mention, it is callous and of poor judgement to disregard employees with disabilities.

Now in some cases, newer companies or inexperienced management just may not know how to properly accommodate, so HRMatrix is here to provide you tips on how to conduct a successful workforce. Companies need to allocate necessary information to current employees to raise awareness, and they need to remove application hindrances to encourage diverse interest in the position. 

Let’s begin with accessibility needs, because companies often overlook this imperative necessity which drives away potential talent and damages talent acquisition. For mobility impairments, physical workplaces need ramps and proper equipment that helps employees arrive, work, and depart comfortably. This also means accessible restrooms too. 

Seldom do workplaces have accessible ramps and braille signage, and though it is perceived as a minor absence of accommodation, it is a huge issue that excludes the disable community. Assistive technology is another facet of inclusiveness that should be considered, because it helps employees comprehend workplace expectations and daily tasks independently. 

The biggest struggle that the disable community endures in the workplace is dependency upon management and coworkers, because they do not receive the appropriate forms of accessible equipment. If the correct help is provided, employees are able to fully thrive and reach their utmost potential, so it’s the company’s responsibility to understand the refined concept as opposed to relying on outdated methods of exclusion. 

Employee Awareness

Make sure your current employees are fully equipped with necessary behavioral and/or disability information to help build real and interpersonal relationships that provide conversations of growth. This will allow employees to be comfortable with themselves and never feel excluded due to their differences. Remember that everyone is different and accommodation is fundamental to ensure productivity. Even try to maintain a one-on-one weekly check-in to monitor the needs and satisfaction and hold celebratory occasions to uplift one another. 

Application Hindrances

Try to omit parts of job descriptions that could possibly deter the disabled community, because these requirements are often unnecessary and imply exclusions. Provide a basic question that addresses the type of disability, and when the applicant provides an answer, have the application elaborate upon the necessities and accommodations towards that specific disability.. It is an intuitive and personalized method to ensure inclusiveness.


Accomodation is not a black and white discussion, it needs nourishment, focus, and care to help employees achieve independent success. HRMatrix strives for employees to reach their full potential and is here to provide critical information under unsung context, because the business world is growing for the better and we want you to be ahead of the curve.