The connotation of leadership/hierarchy often entails severe and authoritarian circumstances. Professionalism is not easy in your position; its interpretation details the herding of your employees to accomplish company/business related prospects. HRMatrix suggests a new perspective on management to better endorse success and promote a healthy environment in which you and your approach on leadership can thrive without catering to old fashioned methods. 

HRMatrix promulgates empathy to boost your leadership. Empathy is received through a variety of instances. Communication, listening, sharing, cooperating are just a few to name. Let us elaborate within relevant scenarios of conflict and resolution to enhance your work-life.

Firstly, you must acknowledge that your seat of employees are individuals, they operate with different traits and qualities. Recognition is a form of empathy, so make sure you celebrate each employee’s workmanship through performance reviews and casual remarks of positive reassurance.  Eliminate comparisons for it has the common potential to induce stress and regressive impediments as your employee would be mindful of unhealthy competition and negative self-criticism instead. 

To oppose a damaging atmosphere, the practice of communication and listening benefits your employees on a personal wavelength. Build real, wholesome relationships. This doesn’t mean exploiting company time, this means, comprehending the derivative of your employees traits- per department. Learn about your employees and their motives that have guided them to the position they are in professionally.

In order to better understand your employees ask about:

  • Experiences

    • What brought them to where they are.

  • Motives

    • What pushes them to where they want to be.

  • Goals

    • What are their aims within this company/business.

The simple EMG points allow you to earn a vantage point of your staff, helping you navigate your approach empathetically. 

On the subject of communication, it is wise of you to share your vocational journey and your professional experiences to help motivate your employees and strengthen that very necessary, beneficial work-related relationship. Your employees will surely appreciate the refreshing perspective and even vulnerability of the attempt to share yourself. 


Empathy and leadership is a modern perspective and combination, but it isn’t limited to only healthy and happy employee/management relationships. It is an advancement of productivity, and HRMatrix believes it can help your business!