Retention Tips


As the workplace culture continues to evolve, it is essential to come up with new methods and approaches to maintain employee retention. That is why HRMatrix is here to provide you the necessary guidance in order to achieve this goal at a consistent rate. Poor retention methods lead to a poor work environment because management is not putting in the effort to maintain a proper balance and function within the workplace. 

Recruit The Right Employees before Worrying About Retention

You’ll firstly want to recruit the right employees. The right candidate must possess various traits that help you gauge their value within the workplace. It is your responsibility, as management, to understand their skillsets, qualities, and even weaknesses as no are perfect. Beyond that, you also want to get to know these candidates on a personal level to understand their potential temperament and general nature. Is the potential employee collaborative or is they merely interested in their own growth within the company? 

You can treat this basic list of qualities as a checklist when conducting interviews.

  • Reliability

  • Positive demeanor

  • Interest in teamwork

  • Strong work ethic

  • Punctual

  • Organized

  • Good communication skills

  • Good listening skills

  • Willing to leans

  • Asks questions

  • Enthusiastic

  • Quality effort

Engage with Employees

As discussed before, the new generation that is pouring into the workplace searches for engagement. Many look for a healthy dynamic between management and employees and it is your responsibility to understand just how important it is to put effort into engaging with the people at work. Engagement is rewarding as employees reciprocate quality workmanship after receiving an acknowledgment. Employees are people and each person comes with a set of idiosyncratic differences and inclinations. It’s in your favor to understand each employee and build a healthy, productive relationship with them. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to assess fitting tactics to maintain retention in the workplace. 

Provide Recognition

Engagement serves as an appropriate segue into our next topic, recognition. Many employees want to feel appreciated for the hard work they put in hours of their day not to just get paid, but to also build the company/business. They want to feel seen and heard, so make sure you let them know that you thoroughly appreciate their genuine efforts. You can express your gratitude in a one-on-one dynamic or even in a thank you card. Either way, make sure that they receive the recognition that they deserve. You can even establish a reward system. A reward system implies that you care to implement recognition within the workplace.