How to Engage at Work

HRMatrix recognizes that it can be hard to engage consistently with your job. We understand that certain workloads can be overwhelming and it is hard to stay on top of everything while also managing priorities beyond the workplace. Engaging at work is essentially a mindset. You must be willing to accept certain circumstance and you must also be willing to bring changes that will help you connect. Both of these tasks are not necessarily easy, because they require mental energy and real effort in order to see results that benefit you. 

The downside of being unable to engage at work is the cost of productivity. Your potential will inevitably be compromised as you continue to evade the much needed effort to engage. The issue with the lack of mental participation can result in the feeling of aimlessness, because you don’t know where to direct your energy. 

Here are some friendly tips on how to get you back on track!


Remember that function follows form, so when you actively appreciate your co-workers and you express gratitude, this will eventually influence your mindset. You will find that it is easier to note the positive features of your workplace environment and it also helps you move past the trivial matters that generate disinterest. Try even making a list of things that you are grateful for, because acknowledgement is a method that impacts your subconscious energy. 

It’s  a Mindset

As mentioned above, engagement becomes when you choose to perceive the workplace. If you continue to focus on the negative details, chances are you will prevent yourself from growing and finding reasons to appreciate the workplace. Try this filter exercise: record a negative situation and how it affected you. Then list all of the preventative methods that could help you when the situation occurs again. This can help you see the positive side of any situation as you allow yourself to learn about resolution.

Take Care of Yourself

Remember to nurture your well being and maintain positive practices that help you bring better energy in the workplace. Taking care of yourself goes beyond physical means, so work on your mental health too! Provide yourself positive affirmations, state your goals and understand your potential.


HRMatrix is here to remind you that your goals are achievable. We strive to bring the best out of you, and our aim is for you to reach your version of success with a healthy and happy mind. We pride ourselves over the support and sincerity!