Generation Z: How We Should Accommodate

HR has lately been recruiting younger employees to incorporate new methods and approaches in the workplace. As businesses pursue renewal, recruiting younger talent might be considered a fundamental factor in order to expedite success and access new perspectives. HRMatrix is here to discuss the benefits of recruiting this different range of talent and we will also provide you tips on how to engage with that demographic specifically. 

Change is a good thing so long as you perceive it as a rewarding challenge. The workplace has become more multigenerational throughout the years, with baby boomers to Generation Z employees all under the same organizational roof. Now, HR professionals have to make the effort to understand the needs of the younger people in the workforce—which, in many cases, are highly critical to them that they’re willing to leave a job in order to have those needs met. According to research, the top reasons millennials left their jobs in 2019 include lack of advancement opportunities, poor work/life balance in a company, inadequate compensation, boredom, and feeling unappreciated. 

The benefit of recruiting Generation Z talent is that they bring in incredible amounts of knowledge- especially about technology. They grew up in an age where technology is at their fingertips, so rest assured they will apply their experiences to their job, making the workplace more efficient. The point of recruiting younger employees is that they are more in touch with the latest workplace trends and they know how to allocate responsibilities efficiently. Often Generation Z is very comfortable with high-level, advanced programs. They have the ability to cooperate with updated technological circumstances without much interruption or help. Generation Z is more innovative as they receive inspiration through their personal lives and workplace connections. They are referred to as digital natives and can provide a multitude of workplace traits because of their upbringing in a world of advanced technology. 

How to Accommodate Generation Z:

  • Workplace Connections

As discussed above, workplace connections are a source of innovation for generation z. They appreciate genuine efforts and interpersonal relationships in the workplace. Knowing that you are rooting for an employee means a lot to them and they prefer to have positive, motivating connections to help them feel capable. Positive reassurance through these workplace connections helps them be an honest version of themselves. When they feel comfortable, they are able to thrive and perform a lot more productively. 

  • Advancement Opportunities

Generation Z chooses opportunities that are rewarding to them. They bring a range of talents and experience to the table, so it is important that companies and businesses provide ways to climb the corporate ladder. Make sure that you hold one-on-one evaluations with your employees to prove that you are assessing their skillset, progress, and advancements in hopes of providing better opportunities. 

  • Balance

Generation Z appreciates a job that respects their life beyond the workplace. They look for an opportunity that harbors balance and does not consume their personal life. They want a balance, because Generation Z is quite conscious of their mental health and general well-being, and they expect their employers to be conscious of that too. It does not necessarily mean that you have to delve into their lives, but rather just respect it by not mixing their personal and work lives together.