Helping the Employee Get Ahead

Let’s put a spin on the subject. We’ve been supplying a lengthy list of “how to’s” for the employer, but what about the employee? HRMatrix wants to provide you, the employee, successful pointers to keep you on track.

As we last addressed this ever evolving corporate/business society, HRMatrix has conjured methods and strategies for your striver harder, work more efficiently, and surpass your colleagues while also maintaining fruitful, healthy work-related relationships. 2021 introduced a diverse range of subjects for both the employee and employer to not only acknowledge, but also embrace in order to lead successful personal and professional lives. 

In the name of unity, in the name of prosperity, let’s get started!

What are your employers thinking?

They are looking for employees that fit the next best role above in the company/business chain. That doesn’t mean you drop your current tasks and perform under the anticipated circumstances of the job you’re striving for. Employers evaluate. They evaluate your social skills, not that it should compromise introverted traits. It just means they are watching how you cooperate with your colleagues and how well you produce value on time. Employers evaluate your willingness to both break the threshold with creative enthusiasm.

Your ideas matter; share them. They also make sure you are on track with protocol per task. They want to see leadership qualities, they want to see time management, they want to see quality work. They are always looking, and when they’re not, you don’t quit. 

Get to know your employer. This can put you on the short list for a promotion! Begin with professional subjects. What are your manager’s prospects? How can you do better? This is your opportunity to squeeze in your methods of function in the workplace. Read the room, read your manager. How do they manage? Then, as you are discussing the company goals, introduce your logic and methodology of your work. Make sure the terms you use are relatable to their work-related vernacular.

It’s psychology 101. In order to build relationships, familiarity is sential. Give your short and sweet backstory on how you work the way you do, because now we are in “phase 2”- transitioning to the development of a personal relationship with your employer. Keep it light, yeah, but be honest. Integrity is everything.

Another quick tip: Give your full attention. This sets a fantastic impression of your professionalism. Keep your focus in conference meetings, be receptive, and be reciprocative, allowing you to be part of a conversation as a leader would. Good leaders start the conversation, but the best complete the conversation. Meaning, they add value to the subject, they devise the game plan, and most importantly, they listen to the colleague that originally rendered a discussion. 

Have a “brag folder”. Keep track of your achievements so no one else has to. Of course your evaluation is already composed, but you know how much work and what methods you used to achieve such goals. Bring that to the table. Share it with your colleagues as you innovate newer strategies to stay ahead. Another leadership quality! You bring your team up with you. Why wouldn’t you deserve a promotion then?

How is this era different from the rest?

One word: kindness. Be humane, because this era is all about breaking the droning, workplace culture. Maybe your employer hasn’t introduced flextime, or healthy stimulation such as: one-on-one discussions to connect or breaks that involve activities. Maybe your environment is not progressive, that’s okay. You don’t have to break the chain, you just have to start with yourself.

Be inclusive of diversity, stand up against discriminative values. Be a good person, and publicity promote that lifestyle, because interestingly enough, the business word’s idea of innovation has more to do with human connection (now) than a new set of company protocols to maintain productivity. The whole idea is, if you feel good, you will perform better.


Competitiveness doesn’t mean you have to hurt the other guy to get ahead. HRMatrix promulgates honest methods and real connections to give color to a once bleak ideology of business/company success. We want you to strive with a healthy mindset and stay true to yourself.