How To Be Confident

Confidence is something that everyone needs. It helps us be better versions of ourselves and unlock our best potential. Often confidence is a misunderstood attribute as the myth claims that you either got it or you don’t, but HRMatrix is here to tell you that this myth is complete nonsense. Even the most successful people have doubts and bouts of insecurity, so don’t let that discourage you. Confidence is a key element that helps you achieve job promotions and it also increases your work performance. Here are some tips on building on yourself into your best version!

Confidence is not something that is artificially rendered nor is it forced. You can’t look in the mirror and tell yourself to be confident. It is a feeling, a sense of self-approval, and it requires consistent effort. Let’s start out with the easy steps. Refrain from negative, self-deprecating comments such as:

  • “I can’t do this”

  • “I’m not confident”

  • “I have no reason to be confident”

The process of reinforcement firstly suggests that you refrain from negative affirmations. Start by faking it. Keep that smile on, hold your head up high, and take up space when you talk. This will promote a more confident image, and people actually make snap judgments without realizing based on one’s body language. Function follows form, so be sure to act confident, because it allows the brain to comply. 

Confidence takes courage, not comfort. You have to put yourself in situations that expect your communication and leadership. Be sociable and play your role by incorporating your thoughts in meetings. This helps a lot. You are relieving the opinions you have that are actually valuable and can make your job better. If there isn’t a seat for you at the table, bring a folding chair. What that means is, you have to make a place for yourself. Eventually, people will accept that you meet the caliber of your peers and your confidence will be registered as something credible. 

Of course, faking it is not everything. One has to know what they’re talking about otherwise that fuel runs out and you will eventually lose the momentum. Study your interests, study the contents of your job before pursuing important discussions with your coworkers and management. When you’re naturally confident about something, it’s probably about a topic that you’re well versed in or a skill that you are quite familiar with. So work on yourself! A little effort every day can provide a notable difference, so it’s better to start now along with positive affirmations and strong body language. 

  • Practice your skills

  • Practice your speech in the mirror

  • Initiate discussions

  • Provide input

  • Manage your body language


These are all great tips to get your confidence going. And remember confidence waivers. It isn’t a one-stop shop, and you don’t just hit a point in time where you are going to be bold for the rest of your life. Everyone has highs and lows, so it’s important to monitor yourself to ensure that your confidence is going nowhere. Practice makes perfect!