How to Increase Productivity

Productivity is the fundamental cornerstone of a workplace's overall progress, and productivity is dependent upon your goal. Are you striving for a promotion? Do you want to proceed to a management position or do you simply want to entertain the standards of your current job? Regardless of what the goal may be, productivity is no longer perceived as a bonus. It isn’t an additional effort, it is an expected effort that requires consistency because let’s face it, competitions are high and company standards are even higher.

It’s become harder in this economic climate to maintain the same occupation at the same business if you are not consistently increasing the quality of your efforts. HRMatrix understands that you want to jump right in to provide evidence of your work ethic but the first obstacle is- how? How can you become more productive? Is it a matter of lifestyle, organizational skills? Do you need more face time with your boss? Sorting out your priorities in order to increase productivity is a whole other task, but HRMatrix is here to break down these simple solutions so that you are able to apply them in your everyday routine without interruption. 

  1. Be Observant

Observational skills are critical if you want to do better in the workplace. Now, observing can be done as a bystander or through direct communication. The point is, you need to understand the needs of the business before figuring out how you can contribute beyond the limitations of your department. Tune in during meetings. What is your boss honing in on the most? What’s the good news and what’s the bad news. This will give you enough direction to map out your mode of operation. You also need to ask questions:

  • What can I do beyond my job to help out?

  • Is the company experiencing a struggle at the moment and are these issues relevant to my department?

  • You mentioned this in your meeting, how can I help?


  1. Do The Heavy Lifting When You’re at Your Best

This means you have to apply yourself when you are at your prime in the typical workday. Summon the best version of your energy and go through your tasks. This improves the quality of your work noticeably. To strive for productivity, you have to be in the mindset of progress, so be sure to express your strengths when you are able to. 

  1. Cut Down your To-Do List

This may seem counter-productive, but it’s all about measuring your abilities so you avoid spreading yourself thin. When you put too much on your list, you are unable to perform with the same enthusiasm consistently. We understand that you are a person, not a robot, and you get tired as the hours pass. So make sure you do not overload yourself to a point of exhaustion. Remember, you have tomorrow! Divide the tasks that are not time-sensitive that way you are able to perform better. 


HRMatrix encourages you to look within and reflect upon your capabilities, so that when you apply yourself, it is with the right foot forward. Remember that your energy is precious, and when you summon it, you must also use it. Progress comes with awareness, so be aware of yourself, your abilities, and your workplace environment.