How To Be Successful At Your New HR Job

Given that you are entering a field in which you have had training or also previous experience, it is easy to assume the rudimentary guidelines and standards of acclimating to a new position as a HR representative. 

You have a general idea of what to do and how to maneuver, but HRMatrix is here to give you specific tips and help you execute the utmost functional workplace behavior in order to succeed in your field. We advise you to bring an open mind to your new company/business and hold preparational values before assessing the environment.

Often when HR representatives transfer to a new company, their perceptions broaden in order to rely on basic protocol instead of creating an interpersonal understanding of the workplace staff, atmosphere, and dynamic. This is considered menial effort and may hinder your potential, because HR essentially exists to enhance the workplace. How can one do that without specific comprehension of the workplace environment?

Be Open Minded

  • Reduce Expectations

Reduce expectations from yourself and from the staff. This will give a margin of comprehension to learn how the new workplace functions and what departments need most help. You cannot come in and expect you know perfectly what to do, because no place is the same, and no workplace is going to hold you to that mothering standard. You don’t know your colleagues and this is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself.

  1. Ask Questions

    1. What role do you play?

    2. Do you do more than you are expected to do?

    3. What is the ideal workplace environment?

    4. What do you do to help yourself thrive at your job?

  2. Take one-on-one time with your colleagues

  3. Take notes on the functionality of the environment

  4. Have developmental conversations

  5. Learn (within limits) about your colleagues personal life to develop real relationships that enhance productivity


  • Spend Time

A great way to get to know your colleagues is by merely spending time, because this will help foster interpersonal relationships that exhibit productivity. The questions listed above should be presented naturally- not all at once. It is a tricky situation, because your colleagues might feel like the conversations that take place with you are just an assessment to help you acclimate to the new job. Exchange experiences, share your perspectives, and be honest. This will help others be more comfortable around you and hesitate less. You are trying to make a place amongst everyone, so put in your hours. 


  • Read The Room

This means you don’t have to constantly ask questions to understand what departments need help and which employees are struggling. Observe and take note of the potential tension presented. Sometimes a company can foster a cliquish environment that you can’t really police by conversational investigation. Other times companies may struggle due to management. Try to read the room quietly before establishing a thorough assessment.