How to Go That Extra Mile

We like satisfactory work, right? Can’t go wrong with it. You are in full compliance, you bring completion to the table, and perform according to your job-related standards, but when it comes to defining your success, should you really limit yourself to that? HRMatrix wants to enhance your strengths to reach new volumes of success. Here are some tips on how to go the extra mile.

Keep an Eye out for Additional Tasks

Always communicate with your colleagues, keep an ear to the ground with your department, and trade thoughts with your superiors to get an idea of which direction this company wants to head. That way, you can produce quality work that is relevant to company goals.

  • Schedule conversations

  • Shoot those emails over

  • Share your new methods

  • Showcase your efforts as a leader

Apply your Strengths Voluntarily

Organize your skillset and determine which ones are most beneficial to the company and your job. Get involved with colleagues to prove you are providing additional help. This is a great way to demonstrate leadership qualities and you will eventually be rewarded for that extra mile.

Get a clear idea of how the day is going to function and try to put your residual energy into the workings of it without compromising your job.

Your strengths could be:

  • Organization/time management

  • Fast learner

  • Increased production ability

  • Discipline

  • Team Leader

Ask Questions

This is another great way to prove yourself. Managers love it when you take interest in contributing to the day-to-day and long term workplace goals. Plus communicating your efforts and wishes to have the company advance provided managers/superiors mental sticky notes that you care or that you have great organizational skills. Either way, it very much bodes well for you.

Sample Questions:

  • What are today’s goals/struggles

  • How can our department help?

  • Can my strengths be applicable to this particular issue?

  • I can make time for a meeting, should we assess the problem when you are best available?

Honor your Promises

Follow through with the goals you communicated so it shows that you are able to commit and organize your primary and secondary work-related schedules. In fact, have a track chart that you share with your team or manager, so you can be perceived as transparent, honest, and constantly productive. This will constantly stimulate a progressive, hardworking image of you!



Let’s remember that beyond being goal oriented, there is also a feel good factor that comes with going the extra mile. Working hard gives and working smart gives you the best results and increases the value of your life in and out of work. You will begin to see that your weaknesses have been abolished and your strengths enhanced. The momentum of quality effort is bound to increase so long as you apply yourself, and test your potential. You will also influence your team, and building a better environment creates a real leader.