How to Inspire Employees

The success of management can predominantly be measured by the morale of their staff/employees. It is important to ensure comfort for your employees so they may feel inclined to work harder and go the extra mile. Inspiration begins on the basis of reciprocity. If management provides effort, their targeted employees are bound to respond with a refreshed mindset to achieve company prospects within their department’s circumstances.

It doesn’t matter whether the company is at its pinnacle or any less, it is your job to maintain consistent inspiration, because there is always room for improvement. Plus, your employees depend on you to some extent. They view you as an image of success, so you have to perpetuate that image!


Here are some tips on how to inspire your employees:

  1. Show Trust

If you want to motivate your employee, show that you give credence to their efforts and have faith in their capabilities to complete their goals and push the company forward. This does not mean you turn the other cheek and continue with your own set of tasks with ignorance. Communicate what they have achieved and your satisfaction. After they have received your gratitude, assign them more relevant tasks to prove that you trust them with more responsibilities. 

Micromanagement and excessive hovering holds the employees back from reciprocating effort. They feel less inclined to help out or go the extra mile, because they do not receive trust.


  1. Incentivize

Reward your employees when they do hard work or complete goals sooner than scheduled, because it will remind your staff that hard work is indeed recognized and that they can achieve more than their listed paycheck. Positive reinforcement goes a long way since it is considered an old psychological trick. Try free lunches, an afternoon off, gift cards, or even event tickets. Little gives are big forms of incentives.


  1. Respect

Respect doesn’t just mean you refrain from disrespect. Respect means you take the time to go out of your way and learn about your employees. You learn about your employees' preferred work-methods, comfort zones, what pronouns they prefer, and whether they are introverted or extroverted. You have to retain that information so your employees feel compelled to return the effort, because they view you as someone who cares. 



This piece is more about reciprocity in order to inspire your employees. You have to give in order to expect your employees to give back. You have to include them, listen to them, and reward them so they may return the favor by working harder.