Maintaining progress is one of the most important skills to possess in the workplace as it is essentially a testament to your work ethic. When you remain consistent, management notices. There are many ways to build consistency in terms of progress at the workplace and HRMatrix is here to discuss the tips and tricks on how to remain productive. We will go over planning, prioritizing, practicing consistency, and tracking your achievements. These fundamental tips function as a guide for you to enforce consistency in your life. 

Plan before Executing

Planning before executing is imperative in order to achieve optimal and successful performance as it basically plots the important features that you might overlook. When you are in the process of achieving a goal or completing a task, there are a lot of moving parts that you definitely have to keep track of. That’s why you must plan out your steps. It will work as a reference point while simultaneously helping you get your head wrapped around the goal. Planning also functions as a reminder of the level of consistency. As mentioned, your pre-planning can act as a reference point.


When you make the decision of incorporating consistency in regard to progress, it is suggested that you prioritize your goals as it makes it much easier for you to complete each task. You should start with the bigger tasks and then work towards the smaller ones that aren’t time sensitive. Make sure you take the time to identify the importance of your goals before committing to them. This will help you decide which ones you should complete first and which ones you can put off for later. 

Practice Consistency

Practicing consistency is not the same as being consistent as this goal takes time to achieve. Start with the smaller tasks before attempting to remain consistent with the larger ones as this can possibly overwhelm you. When you become more and more comfortable with your new schedule that is composed of repeated tasks, then add more to the list. 

Track your Achievements

Lastly, the best thing you can do for yourself is to track your progress to confirm your level of productivity. This will definitely help you keep track of how consistent you are too. You can note the days you are less productive and which days produce an interruption of consistency. Tracking your achievements is essentially a review of data that will help you form an idea of your work ethic.